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#88: A New Beginning

Friday, September 25, 2009

There was an excellent article in a SparkPeople email this morning titled
"The Secret Benefits of Massage - The Easiest Way to Combat Stress & Fight Fat" by Mike Kramer, Staff Writer.

While we can all relate to how relaxing a massage can be, there were more important revelations in the article. Such as:

* Stress can cause us to store fat where we want it the least--in our belly.

* High anxiety = Heavy anxiety

* Tension and stress lead directly to weight gain and the production of cortisol which causes major damage to tissue and nerves when stored up and signals the production of insulin that tells our bodies to store fat in our abdomen.

* To fight this, we can either burn off the cortisol through exercise or keep it from producing in the first place by staying relaxed.

* Junk Food Is No Accident. Storing more fat isn't the only outcome of needless insulin production. It also causes us to crave sugary, high carb foods and snacks. So maybe those traumatic urges to binge aren't just in our head but are biological reactions to stress.

* We get hit with a double whammy. While stress is promoting fat storage, it's also getting us to eat more food that can easily turn into fat.

This is exactly what has happened to many people on SP. As mentioned in other people's blogs, under these circumstances we tend to eat and eat but never feel full. The calories pile up to soon be followed by weight gain followed by guilt for being so weak. In these situations we wallow in self-pity.

But, when our eyes are opened and our thinking clear, we do not become lazy and give in to our stress. We do not become weak-willed.

With open eyes and clear thinking, we can hand our stress over to a higher power and declare a new beginning. When we feel stressed, let's faithfully allow the stress to flow from us to the heavens and once again start anew.

Stress is a part of living. How we deal with it is up to us.

For me, from this day forward, I choose to allow a power greater than me to take away my worry over my life's stress, permitting me to re-commit to undergoing a change in lifestyle, one that will have a positive effect in my life.

Will you join me on this journey of re-dedication?
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