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#110: Sparks and Ripples

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My thoughts wandered today to when I was a young boy. Two things in particular have stayed with me over the years: starting a fire and starting ripples in a pond.

What is so intriguing about these two disparate actions is the immense result that can occur from each one.

I recall when I was in Boy Scouts using flint and steel to start a fire for the first time. After a number of failure strikes, I expressed my frustration to our instructor. He left me with one of the defining remarks I've received in my life, "Never give up. All you need is one really good spark to start a roaring fire."

How does this tie in with ripples in a pond? Toss a stone into a pond and you create ripples that spread out further and further from the center of the pond in ever-widening mini-waves.

The lesson of both actions is that one simple, seemingly insignificant, motion can have major effects when allowed to develop and grow.

With any idea that is cultivated, sustained action can bring forth unplanned, positive results.

Have you thought of starting your own spark (as SparkGuy did) or your own ripples where you live? What is your interest? Literacy? Animal rescue? Senior affairs?

Whatever your burning desire, ignite that spark today. Start the ripples that will teach people to read, that will save pets or help older citizens.

Will you look into your heart for your passions? Will you become the flint and steel that starts the fire? Will you be the stone that starts the ripples? Will you be the moving force in creating a better neighborhood, a better town, a better country?

You can do it. All a great idea needs is one person to believe in it.
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