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Monday, October 19, 2009


The best things in life are free,
creating harmony.
The special person that you are, no
other like you.
Makes this world a better place,
seeing the smile upon your face.

When you wish upon a star, that
wish will come true,
It comes from deep within your
your heart a feeling coming
from you.

You said a prayer today for
all things to be renewed.
Health, Love, and Happiness
for each one of you.

Many things in life are free, take a
look around.
Free hugs, free kisses, free smiles,
free handshakes,
free hellos,
free bless you's,
free thinking of you,
free I Love You.

It is great to know that
harmony lives on in
every heart.
It is wonderful to hear
that making a difference
started with you.
From the very start.

by:paula strasburg
God Bless You....

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