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#112: Early Thanksgiving

Monday, October 19, 2009

This has been a good day.

As I enjoyed an unusual cool Central FL morning, I was thankful for the peaceful quiet while I enjoyed a hot breakfast and I was thankful for a house to live in and food to eat.

As I prepared to get ready to run errands, I was thankful for the hot water of the shower that soothed and relaxed.

As I dressed, I was thankful for the stray dogs and cats that are now my beloved pets that climbed on the bed to watch me put on my shoes.

As I roamed the grocery store aisles, I was thankful to live in a country that offers so many options and for the employees who keep the store clean and who are always smiling, pleasant and helpful.

As I drove home I thought of my parents, now deceased, and was thankful for the strength of character and self-pride, the compassion for others and the work ethic they instilled in me.

As I sit now at the computer, I am thankful for the technology that allows me to have instant "pen-pals" and for the daily support and encouragement I receive from all of you.

I am thankful for being able, in turn, to offer inspiration and prayers for those of you enduring difficult times.

I am thankful for being relatively healthy and for being able to see and hear and read and write.

I am thankful for having belief in a higher power that carries me through trying times and gives me a vision of a better world to come.

I am thankful that even though it is not yet Thanksgiving in the U.S. that I can freely offer appreciation for my life and some of the things in it. Even though there are many tough times, life is generally good.
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