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My Never-Ending Story

Friday, October 23, 2009

So here I am, almost 2 months into my current quest for a healthy and fit life. That, in and of itself, is a HUGE deal for me. I have not been this committed to working out...EVER. Still have my days where I don't feel like it or just plain lazy about it, but I'm hanging in there. I often look back and wonder though, how did I get here.

I never had a problem with my weight growing up. I was always skinny and could wear anything I wanted. I was always one of the thinnest people in my family...my mom also being one. I was 5'7", 115 lbs throughout most of high school, pretty much just sticks though, curves were just about non-existent. I didn't participate in any organized sports, but I was on the Pom-Pon Squad...and LOVED it! I also took dance classes and was involved in a lot of activities at school, church and in the community.

While I wasn't overweight, I certainly was an over-eater. The 5'7", 115 lb girl that I was could eat ANYONE out of a house and home. I have always had a very healthy appetite...still do! What can I say? I love food (apparently, it loves me too, so much that it sticks around...on my thighs, arms, waist...you get the point). I just figured I always had a super-fast metabolism.

I started gaining a little weight here and there in college. Not really the Freshman 15, but a couple pounds. I was very active in various organizations, which kept me busy on campus. Walking to classes, meetings and functions was my daily exercise. Not to mention, after I joined my sorority, there were PLENTY of step shows and practices that kept my body moving and in great shape. That is, until my junior year...

What happened? Oh yeah, I got a brand new car (thanks Mom!). Instead of walking around campus, I started driving everywhere. Not only did my daily walking suffer, but my eating habits changed. I became very friendly with fast food...and there were a plethora of fast food joints around town. Next thing I know, my clothes don't fit right anymore, I'm pudgy in the middle and the scale is going up. Oh yeah, here's the worst part, people started noticing that I was getting puffy. Uh oh!!!

This part of my story is familiar to many I'm sure. As each year came and went, I gained a few more pounds, tried a few fad diets and gained more. You name it, I've tried it. Well maybe not everything out there, but I've lost enough $$$ on things that JUST DON'T WORK! It took me a long time to realize that there isn't a magic bullet, just the good old fashioned formula...eat less, move more.

I'm definitely moving more now and I'm loving it! I work out mostly at home, my preferred workout clothes now are simply sports bra and panties, socks and gym shoes (that's what we call them in Detroit). Wearing next to nothing in front of a mirror really accentuates the flaws and pushes me to move more. Not a pretty sight though! LOL My current workout regimen consists of Turbo Jam and ChaLEAN Extreme with free weights and resistance bands. If the weather is nice out, I'll walk. I will be starting the Couch to 5K program soon so I can prepare to run a 5K next year.

I'm so proud of my progress so far. My physical appearance hasn't changed much, but my attitude sure has. Now if I can just get my eating under control.
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    Great story, I love the commitment thus far just remember 1 day at a time is all it takes. I admire you for doing CLX and TURBOJAM, I can't do TJ (no rythm, I blame my mom) lol. I am with you on CLX though, two weeks in I have lost inches and an ounce or two! It's awesome as are you!
    4284 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5496460
    This was a very good story! An understanding of the history, a physical handle on the now and a mental picture of your future. A good package for success!
    4299 days ago
    I can relate, too. What makes me the most angry is that back in high school and immediately thereafter, I thought I was fat & ugly...hated my body. What a giant waste of time & self-esteem. Anytime I've had sustainable weight loss since then it's always been the old tried & true eat less (and/or smarter) and move more. This time I've accepted that it's really a lifestyle change...not just a change until guys start hitting on me and I'm getting dates...lol. I'm really encouraged by your newfound attitude about exercising, and I look forward to getting back into that mind set, too. It really is about feeling better about how we're living than how we're looking. Thinking back to the times I made exercise a part of my daily routine, I really did feel A LOT better...physically, mentally, AND emotionally. While I didn't do so hot this week (only got four points in for the team), I will catch up with you soon! ;~) Thanks for being such an inspiration and congrats on all your hard work. It WILL pay off...I think it already is! Hugs~Mary
    4299 days ago
  • HILARY26
    thanks for sharing your story...and youre right, most of us know exactly what youre talking about! im so proud that you are hanging in there and doing your best. i can hear the positivity in your voice even through your blog and it makes my heart happy! wtg baby!! youre AWESOME :)
    4300 days ago
    Staying accountable for 2 months with Spark People is definitely an accomplishment-- it's great that we can share our victories and falls with each other. Enjoy your weekend!
    4300 days ago
  • JEWELS571
    I can totally get where you came from. I gained some weight in college as well and managed to lose it, but then the babies started coming. I managed to get down to around 165 (17 yrs agao), got lazy went to 205, got pregnant (almost 10 yrs ago) and topped out at 244 (2006) before I got the spark. I had never even heard of sparkpeople, but that was what it felt like inside of me, a spark they turned into fire.

    I am so proud of you for finding that spark within yourself. Always blog and express yourself as you have been doing, I find that it is truly one of the most important parts of the journey, right along with the food choices and exercise! Keep it up!!
    4300 days ago
  • WILLOW_1956
    Sounds like you got the right attitude to stick with it and make a life CHANGE this time!

    I wish you luck and encourage you to keep up the good work! ;-)

    Have a GREAT weekend.
    4300 days ago
    I can relate!

    That's right, you keep your love on this new found attitude and pretty soon, it'll be all over you loving you back. It takes much of an attitude and a strong will to move forward. Loved your analysis. Well done!

    High five on that and cheers!

    4300 days ago

    Comment edited on: 10/23/2009 6:38:17 PM
    I was the same way growing up, I was skinnier than most kids, but I could eat like a horse. I started putting my weight on in my late 20's.

    I got down to my goal weight a little over 2 years ago. What helped me the most was learning proper portion sizes. When I started out I did a lot of weighing and measuring of my food. I also had to learn to slow down and eat my food slower.
    4300 days ago
    Love your story and more than a few of us can surely relate. Our stories may vary, but we all have attended the same diners. LOL Kudos to you my dear, my hat goes off to you.
    4300 days ago
    You're doing great. Two months is a big deal. Congrats!
    4300 days ago
    LOL I definitely dress appropriately outside!
    4300 days ago
    Hpefully you wear more than sports bra and undies along with your gym shoes when you run outdoors. Just kidding.
    Dounds like your journey is going strong
    4300 days ago
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