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A Life Changing 24 Hours

Friday, October 23, 2009

This blog is not meant to be inspiring or anything. It just is what it is.

A week ago, my husband would have been considered one of the healthiest people around. No heart trouble, diabetes, obesity, NOTHING. Today - he is an insurance risk. But he is alive! That is the important thing.

He had been having a series of odd health issues the past 2 months, but nothing to get majorly excited about, but things were starting to add up. Thank God, it isn't cancer anyway! He's had 2 bouts of very painful sciatica, 2 bouts of pneumonia, lost a tooth, had a mysterious nerve problem in his arm. Tuesday, after sitting talking with his secretary at IHOP for a couple of hours, he got up & his leg felt "funny". It felt swollen, but it wasn't. Felt the same on Wed, & he had trouble sleeping due to that & other mild body discomforts. Thursday, he got out working on his feet all day, & low & behold, his leg WAS swollen. He was due for a recheck chest xray on the pneumonia, so I got him a Fri morning appt for that & to have his leg checked out. In the meantime, I called the nurse at his doctors, & had her call him to check his symptoms. They sent him to ER, as they have sonograms, CT scans, anything that might be needed.

My husband has a blood clot in his left leg, from his groin to the middle of his calf, & a "significant" blood clot in each lung. And except for the swelling in his leg - he felt FINE. They THINK he is going to be ok, but will be on blood thinners for the rest of his life. The people I know who have been through this all testify that this isn't a simple thing. There will be many blood tests & trips to the doctor, etc etc. The hospital & related bill alone will probably be hundreds of thousands of dollars. We were struggling financially before & actually already sucked under in many areas - only managing to keep our house, utilites, phones etc (thank God) - but in Survival Mode. Now this. The mind reels. I haven't been thinking that much about the MONEY the past 24 hours - only his health, & the suspense of what they were going to tell us, & that we were doing what had to be done & thankful that things were caught in time. But when reality sinks in - meds - doctors visits - etc & on & on. It's been a struggle to even pay for ONE doctor's visit! Seriously! The whole thing is kind of mind blowing.

I wish we were one of those admirable families they have on the home Makeovers show on TV, that has given alot to the community & some magic TV show & hundreds of people come in & help them. (fantasy) But we are average Americans. self-employed, with a crap-load of business debt from a midlife career change that promised us wealth, & at which we made alot of mistakes. My husband is the most optimistic, positive thinking person I know, & he probably really is my "better-half" in many ways. I never dreamed that it would be his health that would be crashing - always thought mine might be some kind of problem as we aged. Nobody looking at him can hardly believe he's 53, to be 54 next month.

I guess the lesson to anyone,would be to take FULL advantage of today, as 24 hours can change your entire life.

Also, & this may sound odd - but my husband is in the life insurance business - thanks goodness he at least got a small policy already. AFTER you get something wrong with you - you cannot GET decent health OR life insurance without it costing an arm & a leg. And many times, not even then. Nooo - you're not insurable at all. So one day it's - tra la la la la - I'm fine, I'm young - I can get life insurance next year..... the next day it's so sad, too bad. And yes, life insurance is important! What the living H??? is a persons family supposed to do when a person is gone? Even if it isn't the main "breadwinner" that unexpectedly passes - how the heck is the "breadwinner" supposed to work &/or take care of kids &/or keep the house when he or she is grieving their brains out??!! My husband isn't into "selling life insurance", but rather "protecting families". I know I don't express myself well - what's in my heart. But if people would realize they aren't invincable!! (Like I probably think I am) And think it through about what would actually happen to their families if something happened to them, & realize that it can't wait, because 24 hours can change a life forever.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SAL1512
    I hope you can look back at this time and realize how great the holiday season is for families!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!
    3565 days ago
    I, too, am thinking of you and sending you and your man all my best wishes for a speedy recovery and better days soon.
    Please remember to take care of YOU right now, as well.
    We need health care reform NOW.
    You should not even have to think about money right now, at all!
    3987 days ago
  • MOGAL1946
    I'm so sorry to read your post and please know that I'm thinking and praying for you and your husband. I'm sure the stress of all you both are going through is tremendous. Just do your best to take each day at a time and have faith that there will be happier days ahead.
    3987 days ago
    Oh Jenn, I'm so sorry this has happened. I shall keep you and your husband in my thoughts and hope he will recover quickly from this and that you will be able to sort the money out somehow. Perhaps family will be able to help out?


    3988 days ago
    You are in my prayers and thoughts through this difficult times.
    I just lost a friend's Mother through pnenumia which lead to complications last WED. so it has been though but I know that through faith and the loving support that you have for each other your hubby will get better.
    Remeber to take care of yourself.
    3988 days ago
  • CHANGE188
    My prayers are with your family. Just take each day as it comes and stick together. I hope a heathcare plan is passed soon to help hard working families like yours who don't need a financial burden on top of everything else you are dealing with. I don't mean to be politically preachy but I faced a similar situation in my early 20's and had to make some really unfortunate choices to take care of my health. I wish you and your family all the best.
    3988 days ago
    You guys are making my cry. I don't know how you read my blog so fast after & posted & replied. But the last day has been crazy & I thank you so much... I really mean it... J
    3988 days ago
    Wow - I just read this and I can't think of anything to say that would make anything better, so I am going to pray for you, your husband, and your family. I will pray for better health, better finances and peace in the midst of this storm.



    3988 days ago
    Just wanted you to know my prayers are with you. No, the blood clots aren't a simple thing, but the fact that he is now being cared for medically will certainly make things soooo much better and give him a really great chance of making a full recovery. Just take one day at a time and try to take care of yourself even as you're taking care of him. emoticon
    3988 days ago
    I am so sorry you have had all of this happen to you and your husband. Know my prayers are with you and I am sure if your husband can keep the faith which he must have to be so positive you will both be ok.
    God bless you both.
    3988 days ago
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