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LIC BLC Week1 - Review

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ok so its actually ½ way through week 2, but I’m lazy,

Our challenges for week 1 were:

- Weigh in and take your measurements (neck, chest, mid section, hips, thigh and arm). Sometimes when you are not losing pounds...you will be losing inches.

Starting Weight: 249.0 lbs. (Ouch! didn't think I'd been bad lately)

Neck 17"
Chest 47"
Mid Sec. 47"
Hips 47"
Thigh 25"
Arm 14.25"

- Take a starting photo (so you have something for comparison in 10 weeks).

I have one, you don’t want to see it.. yet anyway. Maybe I’ll post it when I get home.. maybe I won’t.

- Write the top ten reasons for doing this challenge. Post it somewhere on your sparkpage so you can look at it often OR put it in your sparkjournal.

1. To lose weight (obviously)
2. To feel better
3. To have more options with clothes (The running room clinic shirts in XXL only come in Orange.. ORANGE?!?!)
4. To get some confidence – Not regain it, or to fix it.. to get some.. I’m not sure I’ve ever really had any
5. To get stronger
6. To get out more (When you feel like crap, you don't feel like going out!)
7. To be more attractive
8. To be able to do all the things I’ve watched people do (Sports etc)
9. To fit comfortably in airplane/stadium seats (Ok, I’m not that big.. but it still ain’t comfy at all)
10. To not be a statistic and maybe someday have a normal-ish BMI (sh!t, I’d be ok with “overweight”)

- Focus on getting your water intake to the minimum 8 glasses/day.

Never a problem :)

- Pick a non weight related issue to add to your challenge. It should be something that will make you feel better and be healthier. Such as decluttering, flossing, getting more me time, etc. Share with the group and we can keep this as and on going challenge. This can change as time goes on too.

No more MMO’s (FFXI), time to sign out and get outside or at least out and around people. (As of 10/28/09, now 6 days online gaming free!)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think you are well on your way to achieving all ten of your goals.
    And hey - don't be dissin' the orange... wait until you see my bright green RR shirt. emoticon
    4020 days ago
    Ahhh I get it now!

    Great job going gaming-free for 6 days!! I had a friend who was seriously addicted to online gaming, total credit to you for deciding to stop!! Big huge pat on the back.

    PS -- I totally think you should take a pouty picture like me and put it up. You could be my Mini-Me!! emoticon
    4021 days ago
    oh ya lol ok

    LIC - Life Inspired Calgarians
    BLC - Biggest Loser Challenge
    MMO - Massively Multilayer Online (games)
    FFXI - Final Fantasy 11
    RR - Running Room
    LTR - Learn to run!

    Hope that helps!

    4021 days ago
    I'm having acronym problems...LOL!
    What is LIC, BLC, MMO's and FFXI's?!?

    Your list is great!! I laughed when I read about the orange shirts LOL!
    4021 days ago
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