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Biggest Loser Challenge

Sunday, November 01, 2009

One of the teams I belong to, Life Inspired Calgarians is part way through a 10 week Biggest loser Challenge. We have two teams - Amethyst and Sapphire. I'm on the Amethyst Team. There's no voting off the challenge like the TV show just some weekly challenges and as always the dreaded weigh in.

I'm a little behind on some of my challenges from the start. Like posting the "Before" photo and my top ten reasons for challenging myself. So here goes.

Top Ten Reasons:
1. Run a better half marathon in Vegas
2. Run better anytime
3. Look & feel better for myself
4. Better health
5. Lower Cholesterol & normal blood pressure
6. Skinny Jeans!
7. Work towards first ever Triathlon on 2010
8. Catch my 8 yr old granddaughter when running a race
9. To let out the skinny fast runner hiding inside this fat slow body
10. To be fit, fabulous and 50 (plus)

Almost forgot to add the photo. I kept forgetting to take this photo so finally one night on our way to the hot tub in the back yard, I got hubby to take some quick shots. Not my most flattering but hopefully a lot better in 10 weeks...lol

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