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Sunday, November 01, 2009

I decide one night to go check out this maze. It was suppose to be on the out skirts of town and very scary.So i went. This maze was huge it went on for miles.I started walking , through the fog and light warm mist i walked. Oh god i,m not alone in here, i hear foot steps. But my car was the only one in the lot. Scared i kept walking tring to find my way out. Then i saw the shadows i,m diffently not alone. One shadow is a woman ,i can tell, long hair, blue jeans and top, about 200lbs i think. The other a female to around 145 maybe. Why were they following me. Then i heard voices.They wre taunting me the 200pound women was saying ha she is here exercising i see her every where. Why ?When she leaves here ,Ice cream polar here she comes. Give up girl you know you love ice cream. Then i hear the the one say very loudly shut up. Don,t you reliaze she tring her best to become healthier. You ought to try it. I saw her the other day lokin at a beautiful red dres ,itd to die for. Low cut and asize 10. shes at least a 16 or 18. What or you a 20. Shut up thats none of your beswax. I want to laugh was was to scared to.Hey girls be quiet were not alone. i hear the evilest laugh it would make your blood curl. girls , girls, go a head fight i love that. The more you get mad the more you both will find comfort in food later,ha,ha, haaaaaaa. Yeah get mad. Girls pizza is waiting can you smell it i can. I walked fast and faster where was the exit? I could her the two girls whispering . one said pizza sounds good. The other said yeah right , carrots and lowcal ranch dressing yum. Girls fight ,fight , fight . I smell fried chicken and mash potaos and gray Oh what sweet aroma. Yeah one girl said wheres it at. give 2 helpings , The other said bakes hold the potato. i walked faster these people our crazy . I have to get out of here. The other voice taunted I smell Chese bugers fries. Oh god they smell good can you smell them. One girl said oh yeah with the works the the other said no way turkey buger and salad. ) found the exit and ran for my car i did 70 all the way home. Alone again thank god , bUt as i sat there i got to thinking there was alot of truth tonight. I got up and looked in my full length mirror. I did not lke who looked back Who was this person lookin back i didn,t reconize her. Scared me decided to play on my computer. While i,m playing sparkspeople appeared. what is this about. got to check it out sounds like a new group or something. clicked on and wow a weight loss family people helping people loss weight could i do this i thought to my self YES CAME THE reply. So tonight a new maze begins ome i no where the exist is and how to get there . I eat my very frist of many salads and crawl in to bed But before i closed my eyes i said thanks to the voices in th fog.
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