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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I have been re-evaluating words used to describe feelings. After much thought I came to this conclusion.
Words like, unhappy, depressed, sad, and others make up the person we are. Not perfect.
So I chose the word zoned. I feel zoned today.
I asked myself, "why."
I came up with, lack of sleep, dealing with health issues, struggles in life on, and on.
I am zoned out.....
Putting things in perspective......I learn more about myself.....accepting what I cannot change, staying positive, and looking forward to\ a bright tomorrow.
One day these things will pass, and I will have a new body.
Can I do this? "Yes"

Things don't always go right, that's a fact of life.
I look around and see the beauty of other's.

I have been given much in this life, I am thankful for.
A wonderful husband, children, friends, new friends, support, inspiration and caring.
A roof over my head, food, clothing. Two loving pups.
What more can I want.

I am now zoned out with happiness.

love and hugs , Paula :)
God Bless You,
Have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

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