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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time to put on the Hat, Overcoat and Shoes.
Gloves and a pipe will do.

On the way out the door the phone was
I thought , "should I answer it?
"I did". The voice on the other end sounded anxious
and nervous.

"Who is this?" I asked.
"My name isn't important" she replied.
"He asked,? "By what name can I call you."
"Mystery", she answered.

"How can I help you?"
Mystery was sobbing, the words she spoke not

"My name is Ben, you can call me Ben" he said.
Mys\tery started to talk, her crying under control.
Softly she spoke, "Ben, I need your help, my
computer crashed and I do not know what to

Ben thought a moment, "I am just on my way out
to take care of another computer that crashed,
I can stop by later iof you like."

"Yes," she replied, "hurry."
A couple of hours later, Ben was knocking on
Mystery's door.
Answering it she said, "thank God you are here."

Ben got busy working on the computer doing
this and that to it.
Mystery sat by quietly waiting.
Ben said, ok it is fixed already to go."

Mystery thanked him.
Ben asked," what was the emergency?"

Mystery replied, "Everyday I log on and go
to "Sparkpeople.com" "I didn't want to miss
anything new."

by:paula strasburg

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