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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Well, My adventures in learning to hula hoop have been rather comical. Comical in a good way though. I'm actually having fun with it. It took me a while to just keep the hoop around my waist. And for now... That is the only thing that i can do with it. Just ask my walls and ceiling fan about that lol, OOOH and my poor little dog too. You'd think he'd step back and give me a little room after a few times of gettin hula whacked! I'm thinking that regular hooping is okay in the living room. But with no skills really, anything besides that I need to step out of the house. lol It reminds me of the episode of The Brady Bunch when Bobby says "Mom always said, Don't play ball in the house!"

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hoop. But, i am a bit disappointed in the tape job that it has. I had purchased it on ebay. The picture was so much more becoming. I have learned more about how to tape properly as i have found a couple tutorial videos on 'how to tape'. In fact, I now have made and taped my first hoop. The pointers were great and I think my hoop turned out pretty sweet looking for my first. It's a bit lighter and probably 2" smaller then the hoop i bought but i think it's great size actually.

Now to find the perfect clothing to hoop in. I've come to realize that I seem to do best in my pajamas pants and a tight fitting shirt. For some reason i can't seem to do very well in my jeans. I don't wear them tight enough to restrict my movement so i don't think that has anything to do with it. I'm thinking it might be the type of material or the shape they turn my body into? lol

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  • no profile photo CD5571592
    the clothing material does matter. You want as close to natural fibers: cotton, leather, silk, etc. You should check out my page to see some of the clothes that I made for hooping. I think I have instructions under "hooping costumes" in the general discussion of our team page.

    Yes, I've broken a few things too in the living room! outdoors is best. I'm so glad you are enjoying your hooping! keep it up and you will be picking up those tricks in no time at all!
    3793 days ago
    I knew you were hooked before you even started. lol Ya, once I got into tricks it became obvious that the livng room was no longer the place for me. Let's just say, I broke some stuff. Waist hooping in front of the TV is still ok. Hooping is the most fun, isn't it!!
    3793 days ago
    Felicia, you are a certified HOOPSTER, huh? That is so far beyond me! I better stick to running and tennis....

    So while I am out there running, if I see a hoop flying over my head can I assume that it slipped or are you targeting me?????

    Have a blast! Sounds like you already are!
    3793 days ago
  • DAS92687
    Who can forget .... "Mom always said 'Don't play ball in the house'?"
    Possibly only topped by Marcia saying "Oooooo, My nose !!!"

    I must admit, my dogs don't seem to pick up on my exercise routine prowess either. They do seem to like to hang over me as I do crunches and sniff my face on the way up. Sometime they get knocked in the head, sometimes I get a wet nose in my eye. It is for this reason, I prefer to exercise in a room with a door that can close ;-) Or even make up my own saying " .... Mom always said don't exercise with a dog around ..."

    OK, so by now you realize I have no good technical assistance to offer. I am merely here for a bit of comic relief and to commiserate. Hopefully, I get to where I can actually keep a hoop somewhere near my middle soon, and then I'll get back to you :)

    Enjoy! And Keep up the progress emoticon
    3793 days ago
    are you using a regular hoop or a weighted hoop? I use a 5 lb and a 4 lb one and WOW...you can tell the difference. Then work on trying them together and learning to hoop in the opposite direction!
    3793 days ago
    You go girl! I admire you for trying hooping...I wasn't good at this when I was a child, so I'll leave it up to you......Sounds like fun though.......
    3794 days ago
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