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#143: Do You Let Others Limit Your Personal Growth?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Are you a Bonsai or a General Sherman?

You have likely seen both of these trees. The Bonsai is about 18 inches high and has limbs the size of a pencil. In comparison, the General Sherman redwood tree in Sequoia National Park is the largest tree in the world.

Here is a link to view it:


Sherman Tree statistics:

Height above Base -- 274.9 Feet
Circumference at Ground -- 102.6 Feet
Height of First Large Branch above the Base -- 130 Feet

The General Sherman is so massive that a roadway has been cut through it so cars can drive through its base while a Bonsai tree will barely reach your car's hubcap. Here is a link:


But, you want to know a secret?

At one time both trees were the exact same size.

One was nurtured and allowed to fulfill its potential. The other, while beautiful, is intentionally stunted and twisted into unusual shapes.

What is happening to you? At home, at work, in your overall life? Are you being nurtured by your family, your co-workers and boss and other elements of your life? Are you being allowed and encouraged to fulfill your potential?

Or, are you being beaten down at home and at work and from nearly every other direction you turn?

Will you continue to be cowed and twisted to the moods and desires of others in your life?

Or is it time for you to stand tall and tell others that you will no longer allow them and their negative attitudes toward you to stunt your potential?

Tiny Bonsai or Great General Sherman. Which will you become?
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