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The Rope Of Knots

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~~the long haul home~~

There are times when you need help
to climb.
The mist and the fog blind your view.
Like a child you retrieve into a corner.
Til someone comes for you.

Here's a rope made just for you.
Each knot marks the way up and
The rope of knots to grab onto when
when the mist and fog are blinding

The first knot resembles the day you
were born.
You held on tight grabbing the first
knot of life.

The second knot are the growing pains.
Your experiences and tests and trials.
No one guaranteed an easy road, for
life is a learning process going on
for miles.

The third knot you've come along way.
You're climbling higher each day.
You mark your goal's and have paved
your way to who you are today.

The fourth knot might be said to be
a resting place.
You reflect on the past, and look
forward to the future.
Hoping for brighter tomorrow's each
day and each year.

The fifth knot you grab you hold onto
tighter then ever.
It feels as though life is crushing you.
Giving up is better.
Faith and hope are gone, but only for
a time, for life does go on.

Before you let go, and hit the ground.
Look down and see where you've
Now look up, and reach for the sixth
Pulling with all the strength within.

Here at the crossroads, the long haul
The seventh knot is waiting for you to
grab onto.
Through the mist and fog to a much
brighter day.

The Rope of Knots are the family and
friends who encourage you day to
Not to give up, go on to see, what
surprises life has in store.
Be patient in your endeavors.
A world of beauty is waiting for you.
With dreams and wishes waiting to
come true.

by: Paula Strasburg

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