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Times Like This

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Intropduction: Understanding we have our up and downs, good and bad days falliing down.
Life is not a bowl of cheeries, it's up to you to do the best you can do.


....I feel so abandoned, so alone,
how do I make it on my own?
Why does doing right come out so
I ask myself question's that go
My heart is lower then low.
Where do I turn, where do I go?

My eyes are red from crying, as
I search for answers and ask why
must this be, how is this happening?
Happening to me.

I sit here in the dark, watching shadows
flickering on the walls.
My mind is flashing pictures before my
eyes of now only memories of my life.

...The best I can do is go on.
Gather up my strength, and hold on.
As I now lay here, my eyes fixed on
the ceiling, I have no feeling.

Tears flowing slowly from my eyes.
I ask myself, what now? What must I
The best I can do is go on, stop feeling
so blue.

My heart silently whispers, keep on
showing them your love, be strong for
them, for they are still babies and do not
In time all things work out for good.
Believe in yourself, take hold of my

God Bless You:)
love and hugs, ME

by: paula strasburg

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