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JoAnne & Dan

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Guess I am looking at how fortunate I have been.
My daughter who I love dearly has MS.....she is doing great
and is my Angel and support when I need her.

She is verymuch like me.....can be a little stubborn lol
Has a great job....loves life....and gives of herself to other's..

Dan..,.has asked JoAnne to marry him...so far it''s not
definite, I do see it in the future though, I hope in my

I informed Dan that I have a questionaire for him to
answer when he arrives and we meet for the first
time. He laugh, he said, "like mother like daughter."
I asked, "why do you say that?"
He answered, "your daughter gave me one, first time
we met." lol

I have even talked to Dans parents on the phone, I did tell
them I cannot travel any more due to my health problems,
he said, "we have never been to WI, I think it's time fora
trip, so we can meet in person." That will be next year.

The month of December is going to be great.

take care,
God Bless You,
Love and Hugs, Paula:)

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