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My First Love

Friday, December 04, 2009

I had an encounter about 10 years ago, the day I met my
first love.

My first love brought me joy, happiness, and filled me with love.
My first thought was to run away....only every where I went my
first love was there.

Then the day came I gave in, finding out I couldn't live without my
first love.
We never parted and were together, morning, noon, and night,.
It felt so good and right at the time.

Nestled in bed, together, my first loves head laying against
my heart, the warmness I felt...on the cold nights, and in the summer
the heat of the night driving me on, my first love melting in my arms.

We had a long and great relationship.....until------
one day I looked in the mirror and said.......I am addicted, needing
to search other avenues....needing to be free........

I broke it off with my first love, seeing my first love everywhere
I would go, walking by, not glancing...not looking...till one day I
won the battle and I was finally free, so I thought.

I could hear my name being called, as I entered the house.
I looked all over for my first love wouldn't leave me alone.

Then I remembered where my first love was, as I picked up
the mattress and screamed, there you are!!!!!
I then tossed my first love out, now the haunting has stopped.

by:paula strasburg

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