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#158: I Need Willpower

Friday, December 04, 2009

Do you have a willpower problem like I have?

At a restaurant I'm okay with my choices, but at home? Well, that's when temptation looms strongest. Maybe because dining out means I only order one meal whereas at home I see or know of food surrounding me to some extent.

Today a friend invited me to lunch at a small, cozy neighborhood luncheonette. The kind where the plates are piled high but the checks are small. You likely have one near you. The special was pot roast, mashed potatoes and heated cinnamon apples. Next to us a couple eating the special made a point as we sat down of telling us how delicious it was. I admit, it looked delicious and was tempting.

But as I looked at the amount of food on their plates and tried to tally up the potential calories I decided it wasn't worth the overindulgence. Plus, I really craved biscuits and gravy so that's what I ordered, with the following results according to SP food tracker:

278 Calories, 48 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams of fat and 8 grams of protein.

Not bad for one meal. It hit the spot and filled me up. Good self-control I thought as I left feeling self-satisfied.

It was when I got home that trouble stalked me. Although I had just eaten, I again felt hungry. More from boredom or stress than hunger I'm sure.

So here it is nearly 9:00 at night and I've been grazing since I got home.

Right now I feel disgusted that I've had so little willpower at home after a good start on the day after breakfast and lunch. So much of my eating is at night for some reason that many times it takes me over my daily calorie limit after being good most of the day.

If I can get the grazing and night time eating under control I believe I would be more successful with my weight loss than I have been.

Do you have this problem? How do you handle it? Can you offer any advice?
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    oh lou how i feel your pain. i have munchies in the evening also. i have done well for a few days, then this evening for some reason i can't explain i headed for the snacks. i ate reese's pieces. now i'm sick. mostly at myself. i do the gum trick and that was working fine, then tonight for some odd reason i headed for the stash. yes lou, i have a stash. it is hidden and i don't usually head for it except during critical times. but tonight, i don't know must of been the boredon. i had finally sat down and wham i wanted them. good luck to you. michelle.
    4103 days ago
    I have always been a big night time snacker. To beat this I have done a few things. Hope some of this may help you.

    I drink atleast 2 portions of my water about 7pm
    I chew gum
    I eat a lot of fulfilling veggies with dinner
    I keep fresh veggies cut up for when I want to graze..keeping my calories low, but my hunger at bay
    I brush my teeth when I dont want to eat anymore for the day

    Best of luck!
    4103 days ago
    Pray to God the Father for help. All strength comes from Him.
    4103 days ago
    My problem is just the opposite. I have my meals and snacks planned at home. When I go out I'm hopeless. I only do so twice during a six week period, two meals when Bill is home. I am an evening nibbler, myself. So I plan for that by saving a portion of my calories for between dinner and bedtime. Maybe plan for an evening bowl of oatmeal (if you like that kinda stuff), some toast with cheese, something rich in fiber or protein, or the "skinny nuts" as SparkPeople is calling pistachios, since you get 48 of them in a serving. For me, it's all about chew time. Know how they have hang time in a punt? Mine is chew time. lol The more chew power, the longer it takes to kill my snack, the better, because I love to chew! There ARE solutions for every obstacle we face. I truly believe that. We just have to view them as opportunities to create new habits instead of as roadblocks that become setbacks.


    4104 days ago
    I have major grazing problems too, but lately I have been able to keep my mind occupied with other things. I just hope I can keep it up.
    Try to Concentrate on doing something ( whatever), makes you happy and keep your mind occupies that way.
    4104 days ago
    Time change many things.
    4104 days ago
    What did you eat for breakfast today? A high protein breakfast to start your day will keep you from the munchies later on. I feel your protein was too low for lunch . It is "better eating habits" you need to focus on. I am working on that myself. I believe you have lots of willpower Lou!

    Lou, based on stuff you have said here and there. I truly believe you don't eat enough. Men can burn more calories than women . You might want to try upping your calories for a few weeks and see what happens. Sometimes if your not taking in enough calories your metabolism will slow down and you will not burn as much calories.

    Biscuits are ok now and then ,but they are made from white flour and have no fiber. Make sure you are getting whole grains into your day.

    You need to plan 3 meals a day with 2 snacks and space them out . That means about every 3 hours you would have something to eat. Plan your snacks so you don't have a snack attack and eat not so good for you foods. Popcorn is a good snack or nuts etc. I never was one that could snack on cold vegetables , but I find I like roasted mixed vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. You can buy a bag of them in the frozen food section . Then spray a little olive oil on them and bake . Keep at it- you will find what works for you. Remember it is not all about low calories.

    I feel like you are going to have a break threw soon!

    4104 days ago

    I used to have a big problem eating at night. Ask yourself a few questions.

    Are you busier at night or the day?

    When do you eat dinner?

    Do you notice you are hungrier if you ate dinner early?

    Do you eat in front of the T.V?

    Are you eating to eat, maybe 'cause you’re bored or stressed?

    Are you busier at night or the day? - Maybe if you keep yourself busier you will eat less.

    When do you eat dinner? - Maybe if you eat a healthy snack an hour after meal time you will eat less lately, or not at all.

    Do you eat in front of the T.V? - If so, quit.

    Are you eating to eat, maybe 'cause you’re bored or stressed? - If so try reading, do your fav hobbies...anything EXCEPT eating.

    You have identified your problem. Now is the time to find the solution and master it baby! Great job for asking other for help. I hope you receive more advice.

    I love peanut butter too! It is my weak spot! I have done what I mentioned above. I have learned, personally, once I made up my mind I was going to lose weight, and get serious, I stopped eating so much at night. Many nights I did not eat at all. I know I used food as a replacement for something I was not getting. I believe we do these will different things. Food is just one form that people use. I am proud of you! You are going to nail this. Be patient, set goals, you are on the right track Girl! (hug)


    4104 days ago

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    Oh my goodness, Lou, do I have the same problem????? OH YES! I am getting much better but in case you haven't heard my main problem is Peanut Butter! Ever since I had the sugar scare 2 years ago that started my journey I no longer consider sugary things. But I actually "hide" the pb (peanut butter) in the basement. I wouldn't have it in the house at all except dh LOVES pb&j sandwiches. So everytime he wants it I run downstairs and get it and when done run it back down. Well, he is on a kick for those sandwiches so I finally told him I would leave it up until he is done for the day with it and run it down then because I am a night eater and that is when I eat it. Sometimes he just hides it on me but either way I don't go searching for it for some reason. But if it is in the cupboard it calls my name out. Besides, I get the exercise going up and down the stairs for the pb for dh and it is alot of steps on my pedometer. LOL

    I don't eat as much of it anymore even if I do dig in but I still have the self-loathing afterward. So I do understand totally what you are saying. But we are BOTH getting better...the Lord is making us go through these steps I believe so that we relearn our reactions to the situations so that eventually we react totally differently to them. God Bless!
    4105 days ago

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