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Whatta Day...

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Today was incredible. My daughter had a cheer competition. The team did well : ) Today was the debut of her stunt duo as well. She and the other girl do amazing stunts together. I tried to post the 50 second video of their performance today, but couldn't figure it out LOL!! That's OK, as the routine is still pretty rough - she was dropped on her head at one point! Perhaps I'll figure out how to share videos once they get the kinks worked out in their routine.

It was also the debut of the special needs cheer team. They have worked so hard and I'm so proud of them. The crowd was incredible. They cheered so loudly for them. "Simple" forward rolls were met with loud cheers from the crowd and the kids were just beaming.

Amongst all the chaos of the day, our only food options were in the concession stand. I opted for shredded turkey (it was yummy) and some popcorn. Daughter had some leftover nachos/cheese. I HATED to throw them away. I counted the chips so I could track them. Then I remembered advice I've heard - and given - here....better to trash the food than yourself. SO...the 11 chips w/ cheese and my impulse to return to finishing my children's food were thrown away. Small woohoo moments like that add up to increased strength and will power. Here's to strength!!

Speaking of food...this is disgusting....the family got a bucket o chicken tonight from KFC. Hubby got me a grilled piece, but they got the crispy stuff. After dinner was over, I heard him say "mmmm...good chicken". Geesh...he had the daggone KFC bucket up to his mouth tapping the crispy crumbs out of the bottom. THAT is what I live with people! Mr. Anti-health nut!!! He's learned absolutely nothing from me during the past 3.5 years of living a healthier lifestyle. **sigh**

One last note...I very much dislike being cold - which is bad since I want to run. So...today I got my "new to me" treadmill for the winter (I'm borrowing it). I'm off to register for a 10 K in the spring - can't wait - for my first 10K OR for spring LOL!! I know...winter hasn't even begun!! But a girl's gotta have goals - and the 10K is a perfect next step for me. It'll keep me moving. AND you all keep me moving...thanks for your support!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • DENICP69
    Do you have any video's posted somewhere of your daughter's cheer and sqaud. I don't know too much about cheer but I am sure they are fantastic. Thanks so much forall the complements on my daughter's video. emoticon
    4106 days ago
    I wish I had room for a treadmill! Not as good as outdoor running, but gosh I miss it! I'm enjoying Turbo Jam, though!

    Yeah, my family isn't exactly the healthiest either. So picky! :P Way to go on everything you are doing - even if you don't always have the support! You're awesome and you totally ROCK! ;) OXOXO
    4139 days ago
  • LIZZYP609
    HA!! My husband has said if they sold a bucket of skins he would buy it!!
    Congrats on the Concession stand moment!
    I can so relate to the cold weather statement! I say that I am cold from October to May! I love my treadmill and now actually prefer that over walking outside.
    Good luck on your 10K and keep us posted.
    4145 days ago
    Laughing out loud at the bucket o' chicken paragraph. HAHAHAHAHA! I'm proud of you for throwing away those nachos. Yes, better to trash the food than yourself. SO, so true! I'm thinking of doing a 10k with hubby in March. But I have to run first....We'll see how that turns out. Wish I had space for a treadmill.
    4145 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Good job at the concession stand. Honestly, I probably would have eaten the nachos, then felt really guilty and gross. There are definitely times I make myself throw away "good" but unhealthy food rather than eat it myself. Sometimes, that is just what you have to do.
    4145 days ago
    What a goal you have set for yourself -- I'm so proud of you!!! WOO HOO on borrowing a treadmill too -- cannot wait to follow along your 10K journey!!!
    4146 days ago
    Your hubby is too funny. Mine eats all the crispy skin from everyone else's chicken. They know.....they just think they're exempt from weight issues, but their time will come.

    Good for your daughter and her cheer team!!! And WTG for the special needs cheer team. How did they do?

    I'm glad you signed up for a spring 10k. I've been thinking about doing that too to get me motivated to keep working hard.

    Spark is great, isn't it? Everyone is here to improve their health and so willing to support and share. It's awesome!!!

    Have a great day and stay warm!!
    4146 days ago
    Your family is learning lots from you about how to live a healthy lifestyle. For some people a change won't happen until their WHY is big enough. My hubby was like yours until diabetes hit, now he's motivated to make healthy choices. Nagging wouldn't have helped.
    4146 days ago
    Sounds like a lot of fun! Glad you were able to throw out the leftovers. Don't know if I could have. Best wishes on your training.
    4146 days ago
    I was a cheerleader for a while and into gymnastics and it was a lot of fun. Great that they have a special needs team too.

    I hate to eat at concession stands. You were lucky the food was better than most. I would have had problems throwing out the chips but then my son would have eaten them. LOL.

    I have not had KFC in years. I admit that I like it though. It's so greasy that eating it caused me to have diarrhea but I still loved it.

    I hate using the treadmill so I usually just bundle up.

    4147 days ago
    First off, excellent job with the nachos. The bottom line is that since portions have gotten so out of control we HAVE to take it on ourselves to ignore the old adage about not throwing away food.

    Secondly, that is great about the treadmill and the 10K! So excited for you! I hate running in the cold, too. Even with good gear, so winter finds me indoors running a lot, too.

    Most importantly, GREAT JOB for the cheerleaders! Both your daughter and your team! That is awesome! I doubt I could do a "simple" forward roll, so that is amazing to me.

    Here is to keeping it together through the holidays! emoticon

    Edit: OMG! I just saw the comment below me, YES! Bust out those interval things I gave you! They do wonders for endurance even though they are working on speed!
    4147 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/6/2009 1:56:18 PM
    I love treadmill training... you can work to increase your speed.
    4147 days ago

    "woohoo" moments...I need to remember that phrase!

    I'm so happy for you, Scolly. You exude love and a wonderful attitude about the
    hard work it takes, and all of the good choices needed, to be firmly entrenched in a new
    and healthy lifestyle. I'm amazed that you are so good natured even about your husband
    enjoying his chicken crumbs, LOL....that would send me over the edge !!!!

    Hope you love your treadmill. Your journey and your love of life really feeds my soul.
    I appreciate you and ALL the work you are doing. You make it sound easy, but I know it is not.

    4147 days ago
    What a day. Some dh are so bad with healthy lifestyles. I know mine is forever bad. I blame 25% of my weight and unhealthy choices on him during our dating years. Neither here or there...LOL

    I am so glad the girls are doing well. I love when groups of people support special needs people. To cheer their hearts out....WOOHOO.

    Good luck with training for the 10K. I wish I could run. Somedays, like today, the kids are so bad I just wish I could run from them. I mean really run my frustrations out. I have an elliptical, but dh buried it. (great Sunday project for him....HEY great idea)

    Thanks for sharing your day. HUGS

    God Bless
    4147 days ago
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