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Monday, December 07, 2009

Hi Jesus, just me calling to say I Love you.
How are you today Jesus?
Oh! I hear you have been busy listening to
and answering prayers.

Jesus, I have a prayer request, if your not
to busy to hear it right now.
Oh! You're never busy to hear a prayer request.
Thank you Jesus.

Jesus, my prayer request is but simple.
I pray for those who do not know you, to find
you, for them with a heavy burden to be lifted

It can be hard sometimes down here on earth, some
are lonely, I pray for peace.
Jesus, many are in poor health, I pray for your
healing powers to set them free.

Some feel unloved, I pray you fill them with your
Some have lost hope, I pray you give them a sign.
Some have lost faith, I pray it is restored by
reading your Word.

I know in my heart you hear my prayers Jesus, and
you are listening to them right now. I also know
my prayers are being answered this very moment, for
you knew them before I asked them.

"Thank You"
dialing 1-800-HI JESUS
Just me calling again Jesus.......
to say I LOVE YOU.

by: paula strasburg
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