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Update on Goals for December

Saturday, December 12, 2009

How am I doing so far?
My goals for December are:

- to keep on the low to middle calorie range of suggested calories daily.

Yes, I've done this daily. My calories have stayed within my range for quite a while. I almost want to not track my food anymore, but I think for my own good I'm better off to continue. My water intake is good too - to me it's not an option - I even feel better with drinking more water.

- get in some form of exercise daily. If I miss a day or days, I will work harder the next day to catch up.

So far I'm doing pretty good with this. A 30 min walk is easy to fit in and even in 15 min at a time works. Some days I've done more on the treadmill, and this is still half hour at a time. I find this is all I can handle at this time. Strength, only done it a few times since the beginning of December. I plan to put a large calendar up to mark my days. This might help with consistency.

- make a pact to not stress too much over Christmas. It's more important to think of the true meaning of Christmas rather then what to get someone!

Not stress too much over Christmas? Who am I kidding? I'm still working on this - cards are out, I'm in the process of still planning healthy recipes I can include and that's a good thing!

I haven't weighed myself yet. I thinking to wait till weigh in.
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