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#168: Christmas Cards

Monday, December 14, 2009

There were years when I was growing up and Dad was in the Navy that we as a family would receive dozens of Christmas cards every year. Mom always taped them to the door frame of the door leading to the living room. When that was full she would then tape cards on the walls. There were a lot of cards and it was inspiring to see all of them displayed with their colorful front pages and it was uplifting to read all of the printed and handwritten messages inside.

Now, Mom and Dad are gone as are their Navy friends so the number of cards received has dwindled to a trickle. But I still tape them around the door frame as we did for so many years.

Part of the reason for the decline in the number of actual cards is the proliferation in the use of the Internet. Many senders today prefer the easy email cards versus those that need to be purchased, addressed and stamped.

While an e-card is welcome and appreciated, and is a cost-effective way of sending greetings to a large number of people, I miss the thrill of a postal carrier delivered envelope. I miss, too, the beauty of the card's decoration and savoring the message printed inside. I also miss the anticipation of reading the sender's message, usually handwritten but sometimes imprinted.
And, I miss the ritual of taping the cards along the door frame, bringing back fond memories of Christmas's past.

How about you? Do you prefer receiving an actual card over an e-card?

As I said, both are appreciated but for me there is something exciting about holding a card in hand and reading it over and over without having to log in to do so.

What do you think? Actual card or e-card? Or does it not make a difference since it's the thought that counts?
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  • no profile photo CD4363972
    Ecards have their place, but for me, Christmas has to be real cards. It is the one time of the year we get in touch with family and friends that we are separated from by time and distance. Not only do we send cards, but also there is usually a picture of our children (with their partners these days) and a holiday letter. Corny, I know, but we did receive complaints the year I skipped them.

    4093 days ago
    Great post! I too miss the snail mail of a actual Christmas card to have and to hold and to hang on my wall.

    I do not send any email cards, however, I am giving my sparkfriends a goodie in place of a Christmas card.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4093 days ago
    I tape up all the Christmas cards I receive on my wall every year. I just love them. I love email ones, too, though. With the economy such as it is, it's certainly more economical to send email cards when possible. I still send the real thing most years and email cards when I can't.
    4093 days ago
    I love real honest to goodness Christmas cards! Whether store bought, handmade or a wonderful little hand drawn picture from a little one, they by far are the most wonderful!

    I remember my Mom doing the same with our cards during Christmas, so thank you for sharing your memories with us all. Hopefully the cards we mailed out last week will find their way to our friends's doors, mantles or garlands.

    I've been collecting little pieces of Christmas cards through the years. If there is something I love about it, I keep it and am working on putting them together and making a table top tree out of them. :)

    May your holiday be merry and bright! emoticon
    4094 days ago

    Comment edited on: 12/15/2009 1:16:24 PM
  • no profile photo CD2702433
    Even though I prefer mail cards... I just love receiving any kind of note mail or email.... that some has thought about me and is letting me know. I am not a spam kind of gal but I love it when someone will emial me a note!
    4094 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    I actually prefer the real, mailed Christmas cards...but the ones sent with meaning and from the heart. We get many cards from businesses and places that "have to"...and though nice they don't mean as much as the ones from family and friends. We send out cards and make sure they always have the message of Jesus and the "reason for the season". Thanks for another wonderful blog, Lou!
    4094 days ago
    I love sending Christmas cards thru the mail, and I really love getting them in the mail. I too display them in my family room, just like my mother and Grandmother use to do.
    4094 days ago
    I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. It's nice to open something that is not a bill. emoticon
    I actually bought cards for the first time this year, so I am pretty excited.
    4094 days ago
    Cards in the mail are so special! E-cards are nice, too. But nothing like the real thing!
    4094 days ago
  • SCORPION1352
    Not only do I prefer to receive the actual card (not that I don't appreciate the e-card, cause I do) but I also make and send my own cards out to friends and family. I feel that little bit of a personal touch is so nice to add. Who doesn't like something homemade?

    4094 days ago
    We send e-cards to those who have computers. Then because we are not purchasing cards and stamps, we make a donation in honor of Christmas celebration to a local Catholic sponsored food bank. I like this better because I am still communicating with friends and family and the money I would normally have to spend on stamps is being used to help people have a little bit of a happier holiday.

    As much as I would love to take credit for this idea, it actually came from a friend's child who has an enormous heart for homeless people.

    Merry Christmas
    4094 days ago
    There's nothing better than a card, but I am guilty of sending the email ones the last couple years.
    4094 days ago
    Hi! Lou, My Dad was a Navy Man too. He was on the USS Riverside in War War ll . My Mother is still alive and she always hung the cards on the door too. I do the same . She still gets loads of cards because she does not have a computer. I get very few to hang up compared to her. I like all greetings but it is extra nice to have something to hold in your hand and hang on the door. I also like those Christmas Letters from family I am not in close touch with ,where they give you a year of what has been going on in their families with pictures. I forgot what they are called....family newsletter??

    We could print our e-cards and hang them on the door! But at the moment my printer is out of ink and due to low funds it will be out of ink for sometime. LOL

    Hope your day is a sweet one. Hugs, Joy
    4094 days ago
    I live very far away from my family (europe), I prefer emails throughout the year instead of a shortly signed card with christmas images on them :)

    4094 days ago
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