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The Little Girl Who Stole Christmas

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This is a story about a little girl named Heather who stole christmas from OZ.
Oz is the name of a state with only four towns.....
Springville, Summerville, Fallville, and Winterville.
Each little town had fifty homes......and each town as named was this way year round.

As the story goes, it was Christmas Eve in Winterville and shoppers were out doing last minute shopping.

It was a winterland, and everyone was happy....until.......

Heather decided to leave her town called Summerville pulling her little red wagon and go to Winterville.

She gasped as she entered, her eyes wideopen , the little town decorated with lights, children playing in the snow.....the sound of music all around, she thought, "what a wonderful town."

In Wineterville no one locked there doors, and tables were set with food for everyone.....to enter into.and enjoy. trees all a glimmer..... saying it is
christmas time.

Heather waited for everyone to go to church christmas eve, and h[ad a
plan......when they all went to sleep, she would pack up all the presents in her little red wagon, then be gone in the nic of time.

At home the families would put a candle in the window, tuck the little ones into bed, , say their prayers, and ma and pa would then head off to bed.

As quiet as a mouse , Heather entered each house, taking the presents away.
What was to be as wonderful Christmas turned into a nightmare when everyone woke
the next day.

Heather was on her way back to Summerville, when she was stopped by a lady with white hair who said, "my child what have you done, that you stole
christmas away?" Heather replied," I was just having fun, meant no harm,
I will return the presents another day."

Then the lady showed her what she did was very, very wrong. As Heather watched she began to cry and said, "I will return them today."
She turned to look at the lady with the white hair, and she was gone from sight.

Heather returned to Winterville, giving the presents back, she said, "please forgive me for doing wrong, I didn't mean any harm."
The people of Winterville forgave her, and asked her to stay this Christmas Day,
and join them all in prayer, as they Thanked Jesus for his loving ways, and
the little girl who stole Christmas.......

love and hugs, Paula :)

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