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#172: What If Our Lives Were Reversed?

Friday, December 18, 2009

I read in a book today an interesting mental challenge:

What if we lived our lives in reverse of the way we now live them?

That is, living our lives backwards. We start out dead then wake up in old age and feel better every day. With every year that passes we get more hair, more good looking, stronger and, best of all, we keep getting younger, finally ending life as a, hopefully, blessed union between two loving people.

Sure, this concept has many problems with it but for a stimulating mental exercise it is intriguing. Every year, for most people, less pain, more vitality, the wisdom of all that has been learned in our lifetimes, wisdom that may be used to solve medical and environmental problems.

For society, fewer medical costs, on average, as people de-age, Social Security and Medicare costs fronted early on then decreasing as people get younger.

I admit I find the possibility of having an in-depth discussion of this idea extremely fascinating even though the probabilities will lead to fantasy answers because such a concept could ever be implemented.

Still, interesting anyway as a way to get the mind's gears working.

What do you think? If you could, would you want to live your life in reverse? What advantages and disadvantages do you perceive in such a situation?
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  • no profile photo CD5002230
    Lou, I couldn't get a grip on the concept until I just wrote a blog myself. Then it hit me.

    One of the things I think we lose as we grow up is our ability to live in the moment because we have bills and obligations. We mature and lose many childlike qualities.

    As we grow up in Christ we begin to reclaim those marvelous virtues. The responsible adult becomes a child again with a heavenly Father to depend upon.

    It's just a thought.
    4088 days ago
    Lets say when we died if we started again ,but in reverse it would not turn out the same. We would have foresight and not hindsight so we would make better choices and not make the same mistakes . So the Social part of our lives would be different. We would not marry the same persons unless we had a good marriage the first time. I would have no desire to go back to being young unless I could make different choices.

    I believe as far as health and age that we can reverse some things now. As we age and things can of sneak up on us like health problems , many of these can be reversed. We become older than our age when we are ill, so when we bring our health up to par we are in effect becoming younger . Personally I am looking forward to growing younger in 2010, and having more vitality. I plan to accomplish this from eating a healthier diet and exercise . Continuing education to keep the mind young and alert etc. We should never neglect our inner self (Spirit) . When your spirit is healthy and whole it can bear our problems , phyical or emotional ,but if your spirit is broken then you don't have the vital important support you need . We keep our spirits in tune by daily prayer, bible study, having a personal relationship with God , fellowship with other belivers , living our values etc.

    4089 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    I definitely would not want to live backwards. Thanks, anyway!
    4089 days ago
    That would definitely be an interesting scenario. The most important question would be if you started your life with the largest amount of knowledge that you would ever have, and if you slowly lost small bits. I wouldn't like that. I love learning new things and having new experiences. Now, if you didn't have all your knowledge, that may be a little awkward.
    4090 days ago
    I don't think so, lol.
    4090 days ago
    No, don't need to repeat some mistakes that were made. Looking forward to the future the way it will be. emoticon
    4090 days ago
    Oh, I would HATE that. I love that I don't know how long I have to live - and therefore try to take life on head-first. It doesn't always work, but I can imagine I would be super lazy if I knew what was coming at me!

    ...and having high school towards the end of my life just seems like an evil joke...

    4090 days ago
  • no profile photo LAUREN129
    You should watch "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." It is all about that concept of living in reverse. I think it's fascinating too. I wish I could get younger every year...I would probably like my birthday more!!! emoticon
    4090 days ago
    I can't quite wrap my brain around that idea. I guess that's why I don't like sci-fi or fantasy movies, huh?!
    4090 days ago
    I love the idea that this could be a possibility, I mean in a way it is. A lot of people tell me they are more fit and better looking at 40 than they ever were at 20 because they started caring about and working on how they look, their health, and their weight. And of course, 80's hair compared to 2000's hair is no contest! I always thought I could never have a hard body, but I'm learning more about health and excercise as I get older, and maybe it is within reach. I think it is. That's what I'm working towards anyway. :)
    4090 days ago
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