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Hubby update #7 while I was in hospital 11/26/09

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I have been unable to keep up some updates while I was in the hospital. So while I was in the hospital my husband sent out some updates on my progress to family and friends. I decided to share these emails with you all.


Previously, Krista had been taken back to the hospital after a brief
stay at a urine scented rehabilitation center. It turned out that the
problem was abdominal muscle spasms. They gave her something for the
spasms and the pain they caused. She stayed the night in the hospital,
and was discharged. It turns out our insurance will only cover one of
two places in the area for Krista's condition, the second place is
worst than the place she already went to. We decided that we would
bring her home where she could receive more informed care than at
either of the two facilities.

She arrived home yesterday evening. There have been no problems since.
She's getting up every few hours for short walks to the bathroom with
a walker and is fairly comfortable and isn't in too much pain any

For those of you wondering just what was so bad about the
"rehabilitation" center, wonder no more:
The facility was really an old age home. The people working there knew
nothing about Krista's condition or about any special care she might
need. There was no doctor at the facility, at all. There was one nurse
on duty, but was usually on break. The equipment which was rented
specifically for Krista and was confirmed to have arrived was never
seen with the exception of the bed. The other equipment was a
bariatric walker (much wider and sturdier than a regular walker) and a
bariatric comode (again, wider and stronger).

When Krista arrived, she was put in a room which was about 80 degrees
F, with a half deaf woman who had her tv blaring on some spanish
telenovella. The woman also peed her bed every couple of hours. She
had her standard admitting inspection where they checked her over for
sores, cuts, and other external problems. In doing so they poked and
pushed very hard in the area with her DVTs. Something I had been told
not to do because the DVTs could be dislodged or other clots could be
dislodged and join with the DVT making it worse. Also, there was no
one there without a very thick accent. Krista's pretty bad with
accents, I'm usually not too bad understanding them (thanks CS degree)
and I had trouble understanding all of what they were saying (Mexican,
Thai, and Russian if you were wondering).

When she had to go to the bathroom, she found out that the comode was
not the one from the rental place and was too small so she had to walk
to the bathroom... however the walker was also too small so she had to
walk with the walker entirely out in front of her. That's the wrong
way to use one and results not only in more strain but is also not
very supportive. Later, when it was time for her pain medicine (every
4 hours), the nurse was on break. It took nearly an hour for her to
get her medicine. That's not a big deal if you're taking something
once or twice a day, but if you need it every four hours, an extra
hour is a long time.

Then Krista's legs started swelling more. She needed her legs up
higher, but the bed didn't go any higher. She asked about putting more
pillows under her legs, but was told there was a policy against having
more than 2 pillows under a leg (WTF?). So she asked about having her
legs wrapped in tensor bandages to keep the swelling down (this was
done in the hospital most days). They said they would look into it and
never came back. Remember Swelling -> Pain -> Less moving -> Swelling.
They did not seem concerned that shouldn't rehabilitate with the
swelling getting worse.

In the morning, after Maegan had talked to the food person and
explained Krista's dietary restrictions in detail, they brought her a
meal which she mostly could not eat because the foods were not
allowed. They did manage to find a wider comode, but it was too high
and the adjustment things were bolted so that it couldn't be adjusted.
It still wasn't the one from the rental place. When she started having
chest pains and vomiting, we found out that there wasn't even a doctor
at the place.

In short, the place was unprepared; the people were uninformed. It was
not only uncomfortable for her but was also potentially dangerous. And
that is why there is no way she is going back to that facility.
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