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Pushing Panic Button! UPDATE: I am MUCH better now and THANK YOU!

Monday, December 28, 2009

I cannot seem to get my Sparking back on track post Christmas. I feel absolutely mentally exhausted and totally disconnected from my body. I am not sleeping well, eating just okay and my motivation is in a shambles.

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    Aww... Spark sis, you've had such a time overcoming physical ailments lately. Combine that with the hectic holidays and no wonder the end of the year blues have set in. Look at your fabulous pictures to help stay motivated!! Keep sparkin', Sweetie. You know, as I do, inspiration is just a click away. AND, now that ISU has won their bowl game, it's time for Iowa to show us their stuff! GO HAWKEYES!
    Love ya, Joanne
    4121 days ago
    Just saw your blog. I have slipped so far off the Spark wagon that I'll need to run very fast to catch up with it! (Turkey, christmas pudding with all those brandy creams, the occasional glass of something strengthening.........mince pies, chocolates - need I go on?)
    Don't worry, my flip flop friend - you'll run it off in no time. Those of us with knees and things - well, I shall find a way!!
    Happy New Year - to you and yours!
    4121 days ago
    "This too will pass" has been a mantra I've used throughout the season....We've have to dealt with SOooo much! Relax, enjoy, and tomorrow, woohoo! I (we) get to get back to what I was working on before hand, Thank Goodness:-)....I'm kinda lookin' forward to the mid January doldrums :-)
    4121 days ago
    Laurie, let's hear it for both of us getting on track again. I lost my motivation this week as well, but starting next week I'll be back on my normal schedule, which means back to my normal exercise routine.

    I cannot wait for better weather, though... The current cold snap in MN is NASTY. I would rather be wearing your Xmas flipflops!

    -- Hilary
    4122 days ago
    The sleepless crap is the "change" ..... as you would say "Mother nature", LOL! It'll pass my friend, it happens to most of us, at least the women I have talked to about it. I know is stinks but hang in there.

    4122 days ago
    Well... sometimes we need that short rest of inactivity in order to regain our "oomph!" (Emphasis on 'short rest'! Although I've been known to push the definition of short at times! LOL)

    Anyway, I'm reading a book that says MOTIVATION f-o-l-l-o-w-s actions. I know that I'm the type that is always waiting for motivation to strike me first--and THEN I'll act. But... maybe we should just give the opposite a try. I have a nagging suspicion that the author is right! LOL

    If you need anything, I'll be just a Spark click away!

    From one Spark chick to another,
    4123 days ago
  • JEM0622
    My brain is shifting gears and I am thinking about what I can do in 2010 that I didn't in 2009. It may mean less marathons and trying new things. New challenges. Out of my comfort zone. A new kind of spark! I brought the bulk of the 'garbage' to work so that it is not at home. The other foods in the house are okay. Just had to get the sweets out. It was okay to enjoy some, but now I need to get back to a good tracking day. ~julie
    4124 days ago
    First of all, remember, you can do this! You can make it through this, you can get back on track and you can continue this journey. Second, why are you not sleeping? when you lose sleep you lose time for your body and your mind to reconnect with eachother, for them to rest and for them to repair themselves. If you can, more sleep will equal a more balanced you. Third, we're here and we're not going anywhere. We'll kick your butt, we'll give you a hug and whenever you need to vent, come talk to us! I hope your sleep gets better chiquita.
    4124 days ago
    lol, your not alone in this, I tell ya the Holidays hunt you down and take you prisoner! I never in my SP life thought I wasn't invinsible, tried to be, but the seasonal fra la la got me and it held me. Sooooooo needless to say, I am back at it, and no Holiday is important enough, up until next Halloween (that's when it started, lol) to grab me and put me in a situation again. So I have 24 lbs to lose before the mean ol Holidays of 2010 grab me again. Heres to you, and hope all is well for you in this next year! MJ *btw I loved your Jose cookies, I am not a drinker, but I about fell off my chair enjoying that blog!
    4124 days ago
    Don't worry, you can write this off as "periodization" and tell everyone that hey, Lance Armstrong does it and look at him! LOL!

    Seriously, though, once the new year is here and things are back to relatively normal, you can fall back into your healthier routine with only a minor bit of trouble.

    Good luck!
    4124 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    Laurie, I think we are all with you here!!! I had four days and all I could muster is ONE mile!!! I must have eaten over 2 dozen cookies and 2 bottles of wine in that time period!!! OH NO!!! The important part is that we dust ourselves off, make some new goals, and try again tomorrow! That is what is so awesome about spark - before spark I used to go off kilter for weeks, months even before deciding to attempt it again. We are dedicated now. A week off the wagon is no biggie because we have made a lifestyle change - and we can wake up the next day and say - time to be healthy again! you can do this! keep that chin up girl!!!
    4124 days ago
    I've been "out of it" as well, but I know that next week is approaching quickly. Most would say not to wait, but it's hard for me to be on track without organized exercise classes and work to keep my food in check.

    I just polished off a few more cookies, yes I know it's not even 8 AM, so those won't be staring me down. I'll be in a much better place once all the sweets are gone.

    We can get back to it in January!
    4124 days ago
    Your just conserving in preparation for the next stage. Take a step back, set some short term goals then execute!

    You have to, beacuse you still have to earn that "Hoo"...
    4124 days ago
  • FT4EVR
    Sending hugs! Wish I could give you some words of wisdom .....but I am unable to...guess I will just sing a song from our past....

    "The sun'll come out tomorrow".... emoticon

    And may it shine for both of us.

    4124 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    For me when I feel this way, no matter how I DON'T want to do it, I force myself to exercise somehow! As soon as I do my motivation comes back full force and I am so glad I did it. You can do this! You know you can.
    4124 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3514403
    Snap out of it Laurie so I don't have to come to your house to smack you with the flip flop. Remember what makes you feel good! I definitely fell off track the entire month of December but I've turned things around. You can too. Keep sparking, that always helps!
    4125 days ago
    das exactly how i felt right before the holiday season...hmmm...wat do we do to get back on track?
    4125 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1286196
    I'm right there with you. I didn't fall off the wagon this Christmas...I jumped off the wagon into a knee-deep pile of cookies, candy & pie! Now my body is letting me know what it thinks of my bad choices.

    Yoga, stretching & deep breathing can help you feel reconnected to your body. In my experience, exercise (even if you're just going through the motions at first) can also improve your sleep. If that doesn't help, I'll borrow your flip flops & give both of us a good slap!! Come on girl - we can do it!

    emoticon emoticon
    4125 days ago
    Hey Me too !!! On top of all that I got a cold over a week ago. Let's jump back on the wagon together. Each minute is new. Let's start now.
    4125 days ago
    I recommend yoga. If not yoga, then just find a quiet room, sit, and breath.

    The good news is, sometimes a brief loss of focus is jus the catalyst we need to bring our goals into sharper focus.
    4125 days ago
    Laurie, I'm so sorry to hear you sounding so stressed. Please, please, give yourself permissions to relax and go with the flow for a while. No need to keep pushing yourself. We aren't going anywhere :-)

    Read a book, listen to some music, watch TV, take a long walk, do some stretches! Your motivation is still there, I know it is!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    4125 days ago
    Hey Flip Flop girl....you can do it!

    post a simple goal on my page and I'll try and help you keep on track with it if you'd like. That's what spark friends are for.

    It is also okay to take a day or two of rest to recouperate. do you have a fitness buddy that you can schedule some appointments with? I do that when I don't want to do what I know I should. It helps maintain my responsibility when my mind is weak.

    Let me know how I can help you!

    4125 days ago
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