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The Year-End Recap

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not to steal a blog title from ELFITZPA, but I haven't put a blog in here for a while, so I thought I'd write one, and couldn't think of a better title. This year has been an emotional roller coaster for me, with all the slow running and the injury, which has led to a 10 pound weight gain (not intentional, but when you go from running 30-50 miles a week to none, and you don't change your calorie intake, you gain weight, right?).

But, here's where I am with my recovery. I am still doing my PT two + hours a day. I am allowed to do the bike, elliptical, and walk on the streets. I started walking last week, just to get my feet/shins ready for road impact when I am finally ready for running. I don't mind the bike - I have my road bike mounted in my basement where I do PT. I pretty much keep the elliptical at PT as my warmup when I go to their facility, which is perfectly OK with me because it really isn't my favorite thing.

My hip is getting stronger, in fact it might even be stronger than the healthy one right now - I only do some of the exercises on both hips. I have been allowed to add leg press, leg extension and leg curl with Cybex/nautilus machines. I do a lot with bands, and have found that I kind of like them. They aren't heavy, and would be good to take on a vacation or somewhere where I don't have access to a gym, and don't want to carry weights with me. (besides, I'm sure weights wouldn't scan to well in X-ray machines at the airport).

As for running, racing, etc. I am anxious to get back into running, of course. But, I am a little apprehensive too. I mean, my per-mile pace slowed down from 9:30-10:00 per mile to 12:30-12:45 per mile. What if I can't get back to the faster pace. I know it won't be immediate. I mean, I plan on doing either the Flying Pig Half or Full, but I am not considering it my "goal" race for 2010. I am in a training group for 2010 again, because I really love all of the friends that I have made through it. My plan is to start out walking for training, and then move to run/walking, and finally running. I am going to see how the long runs go before I sign up for anything. If I can stick to the group's plan through it all, I will run the full marathon. If I have trouble keeping up with the distance, I am going to do the half instead. My goal race is Columbus, in the fall. That's the race I had to drop out of, because of the injury. I want to train properly for it, and see if I can get back down near my PR of 4:33.

On to the weight gain. Although I have been nothing but positive on the outside, and I am really working hard, I continue to gain weight. Hopefully as I get healthier, it will come off. But, I have a VERY hard time losing weight (don't know why, I guess it is because I am prematurely going through "the change" (aka menopause). But it really discourages me - I am almost to the point of needing to go out and buy "fat clothes" because most of my clothes don't fit. Hopefully adding walking and running back into my routine will help me out with that; I refuse to buy new clothes in a bigger size (I will buy smaller, just not bigger). So, I do have a goal of losing about 20 pounds - the 10 I gained since surgery plus the 10 I wanted to lose before I had surgery.

Well, that's about it. Time to end this blog because it's longer than I expected.

But not without goals for 2010:

1. Return to running - Flying Pig full or half; Chicago Rock-n-Roll half, Columbus full marathon plus whatever 5 and 10K's come my way.
2. Lose these 20 pounds (at least 10 of them before the Flying Pig in May).
3. Get back to healthy eating habits (not that they were gone, but they are just disproportionate)
4. Stay injury free. All year. And listen to doctors.
5. Paint every room in my house this summer
6. Keep up with landscaping outside my house all year (I got behind when I had surgery and it looks a hot mess out there).
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hope you have a great 2010 hang in there!
    3946 days ago
    Take it easy with the running, don't injure yourself again, and listen to your body. If you do that I have no doubt that you'll be fine for the races. But don't get too impatient for the speed - that will come back eventually. Look to 2010 as your recovery year perhaps with the goal of 2011 getting back up to speed. You've have a huge blow to the body with surgery and it's not easy to jump right back in.

    I do think that your goals are spot on and that you will lose those pesky 10 (20) pounds! Keep tracking that food and eating healthy and you will get there.

    I look forward to hearing about your accomplishments in 2010!
    3946 days ago
    The pace will come back, Molly. Try and be patient. Don't try and get it back all at once. I do know how hard that is sometimes. But you're a lot smarter than I am about those things.

    I have no doubts that you will be successful. Just take it a day at a time. Happy New year!
    3946 days ago
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