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#190: As You Think and Speak, So Are You

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Radio host Dave Ramsey www.daveramsey.com helps many people get out of debt. Callers' story are inspiring. But today he talked about how we think, not only about money and being in debt but about life in general.

One thing he asked was why, if you planted poison, would you expect to get corn in return? What he was really saying was, as you think and speak, so you are.

It's easy to be negative and to complain all day. Many people seem to make a living out of it as if being negative was some kind of badge of honor.

But do you enjoy being around such people?

Probably not. They sap all of the positive right out of us.

When someone asks how you're doing do you whine, "Oh, not so bad I guess." Why not say, "I'm well and I'm having a marvelous day," instead?

What you sow, whether it is corn or positive thoughts, is what you reap. Aren't you happier when you're around a go-getter, someone who oozes positive energy than someone who is a Gloomy Gus?

Of course.

So why not let the flow of a positive attitude begin with you? If you think you're miserable, then you will be. Despite your circumstances, if you give thanks for being alive and being able to see or hear or read or talk or work as part of a team, your day will be so much more pleasant.

Don't let the Negative Ned's and Nancy's ruin your day. Instead, make an effort to uplift them and make their day brighter.

As you think and speak so are you.
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