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My Accountability - Update for 1/7/10 & 1/8/10

Sunday, January 10, 2010

(I haven't been updating lately due to my Lasik so today I will get all caught up!)

My biggest downfall in 2009 was not being consistent with tracking my food and being accountable for what I am eating.

My goals for 2010 include
1. Tracking Daily
2. Going to the Y 2-3 nights a week and Strength Training 2-3 days a week.
3. Cardio of at least 30 minutes every day even if it's just walking
4. Getting back to the 130's.

As part of my accountability for 2010 I plan to post here to my blog daily with my calories and cardio/exercise for the day.

Daily calorie range for food is 1,460 - 1,810 a day.
UPDATED: I have upped my calorie range because I am burning more calories than originally thought. New range is 1,670 - 2,020.
Total Cardio Calories planned - 4450

Sunday 1/3:
45 minutes on Elliptical - 400 calories burned
ACTUAL: I did 47 minutes while catching up on Tweets and reading The Spark.

Calories: 1682
Cardio: ~400
Minutes: 47
Deficit: -576.75

Monday 1/4:
35 minutes on Elliptical - 300 calories burned
ACTUAL: I did 30 minutes on the elliptical but I waited too late at night to do it. I was farting around trying to find the owner's manual because the display on the elliptical wasn't working the way I had expected it to. I got online and finally called NordicTrack. Got the manual and it suddenly dawned on me that the problem was that the batteries (big old D sized ones) were going out and that what I was seeing was the outline of a battery! DUH. Switched out 2 of them and the display worked fine.
After that I did 10 pushups (gonna go for a few more next time) and 10 minutes of Yoga stretches.

Last night I sabotaged myself. I headed to bed around 10 pm only to stop at the stupid stocking hanging up at the fireplace that still had some candy in it. 5 mini butterfingers later, and it's just 5 because that's all that I had in the entire house, and I was like WTF?

Anyway - I think that I know what one of my triggers is and it happens in the morning. I need to absolutely make certain that I eat a LARGE breakfast with sufficient protein right when I get up (w/in 30 minutes). If I wait too late and grab just a muffin or a bowl of cereal it's just not enough.

Calories: 1,969
Cardio: ~327
Minutes: 40
Deficit: -245.45

Tuesday 1/5:
Strength & Tone class - 300 calories burned
Teach Dance Fusion - 600 calories burned (Altho I have burned over 700 when teaching this class!)
ACTUAL: I did all the exercise above AND I stayed in my range - Good Day!

Calories: 1,846
Cardio: ~900
Minutes: 85
Deficit: -929.15

Wednesday 1/6:
Teach Double Step class - 600 calories burned
30 minutes Elliptical - 300 calories burned
Cardio all done except that instead of the Elliptical I ran on the Treadmill for 30 minutes! A little over 2 miles. WOOHOO!

Calories: 1690
Cardio: ~900
Minutes: 85
Deficit: -1069.55

Overall another great day!

Thursday 1/7:
I am having Lasik on this day- so no more glasses YAY! No workout though. :(
UPDATE: To keep the Streak Alive I will do something for 30 minutes in the morning - perhaps even go outside and run in the cold just to say I did it!
ACTUAL - I did it! I ran outside for 30 minutes! It was 20*F, 12*F with the windchill and I was actually a little too warm!
I had my Lasik - it was a little freaky and I've been sleeping all afternoon - got up at 9:30pm! Heading back to sleep again :) Eyes are tired and a little scratchy but really I CAN SEE! WOW! I'll post food tomorrow as I haven't tallied all the pizza I've eaten :)

Calories: 1785
Cardio: ~255
Minutes: 30
Deficit: -339.05

Friday 1/8:
Depending on how my eyes feel and how long my appointment is in the morning if I am feeling well enough I will go to the Y and take at least the Cycling class.
ACTUAL: I can see! But the eyes are very tired so I didn't go to the Y to take classes. What I did instead is shovel snow & ice (that layer of ice under the snow) for 1 hour. I am counting that as a workout considering I worked up a sweat even in 18*F temps!

Calories: 1864
Cardio: ~382
Minutes: 60
Deficit: -394.95

Saturday 1/9:
Take the Cycling Class - 600 calories burned
Teach Strength & Tone - 450 calories burned

Total Calories burned - 3650 for the week
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