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Going into week 3 - evaluation time!

Monday, January 18, 2010

We're going into week 3 and so far, I am doing well with fitness and not AS great with eating.

I am counting remodeling as fitness (just ask my muscles - it's a workout!) which helps immensely. In fact I am considering not signing up for a fitness class next month because I am getting in so much exercise - but I need to check with hubby since the idea is to sign up together. I looked at my fitness minutes and thought why not shoot for a nice high goal this year - 10,000 minutes. So there it is. But even here exactly two weeks into the new fitness "year" I have already reached my monthly total. Can't wait till spring when I have a remodeled basement AND I'm strong as an ox!

Food - well, I am facing a problem I have had in the past. My metabolism has two speeds: normal and hummingbird. When I don't work out my metabolism is normal and I can maintain my weight so long as I don't eat junk food. But when I am active, and it takes a couple weeks to kick in, whammo - I need to eat every 3 hours or so. All the time.

Yeah yeah, say it: you hate me. "I wish I had your metabolism!" Haha, not so fast. Consider this - You are plugging along doing anything and you notice you are hungry. Five seconds later you realize it's critical. You realize if you don't eat right now you will get tired/cranky/b1tchy/shaky/frea
ked out... all at once. Ooops too late, already there. I've gotten to the point of tears. So you reach for something that will fill you up fast and last a little while like say, oh, pasta or toast or crackers. Trouble is it doesn't last long so next thing you know you are on the roller coaster again. Yes I am borderline hypoglycemic and it's not fun. Welcome to my hell.

So I need to work on eating BALANCED foods. A little carbs, a lot of protein, a little sugar, a little fat. More fruits and veggies (keeping defrosted fruit for smoothies helps.) More protein which helps stabilize everything. A dash of fat for longer burn. If I plan ahead I am okay, it's reaching for something to deal with the crash that makes my brain scream "CARBS, STAT!!" Lots and lots of quick grabby food.

Other big goal - finances - was tackled today when I tore down and rebuilt the budget based on the last five months. Good to go! I've been working more and surfing less but still need to work on my morning routine being more efficient. I've been focusing on sitting AT my desk and on my balance ball for actual work - which I do about 80% of the time. Pole pole that is Swahili), slowly slowly ...

I am pretty much officially off caffeine but need to balance out exhausting days of remodeling with what is REALLY enough sleep and what is too much. I keep wanting to reach for more Joe. I'll figure it out eventually I am sure. Just trying to figure out how much sleep the ol' bod needs when I've put in a full day of exercise.

Well off I go for more exercise - sound like we are getting half a cord of firewood delivered TODAY. And if I don't stack it I won't be able to get out of the driveway to get to my dance class!! emoticon
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    Whoa,you've been busy! Some diets say eating 6 smaller meals a day is better than 3 big ones.
    3926 days ago
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