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My Accountability - Update for 1/21/10 thru 1/23/10

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My biggest downfall in 2009 was not being consistent with tracking my food and being accountable for what I am eating.

My goals for 2010 include
1. Tracking Daily
2. Going to the Y 2-3 nights a week and Strength Training 2-3 days a week.
3. Cardio of at least 30 minutes every day even if it’s just walking
4. Getting back to the 130’s.

As part of my accountability for 2010 I plan to post here to my blog daily with my calories and cardio/exercise for the day.

Daily calorie range for food is 1,750 - 2,100 a day.
Burn a total of 4750 calories

Sunday 1/17:
55 minutes of Zumba - 567 calories
1.5 hours of Step - 800 calories
30 minutes of abs/pushups - 150 calories
25 pushups minimum

Zumba - calories were 578
1.5 hours of step + the 20 minutes of abs and pushups, total of 50, are all tracked together - 1258
Cardio total - 1825 for the day! WOW!

As a result I was very hungry!
Calories: 2229
Cardio: 1825
Minutes: 161
Deficit: -1509.45

Monday 1/18:
55 minutes Circuit Training – 500 calories (I am subbing a class)
25 pushups

55 minutes of Circuit Training - DONE - 600 Calories Burned
38 Pushups done.

I had a bit of a binge on some trail mix the last two days. Had a very rough night last night with my daughter so I did some stress eating. Ugh. But I still had a deficit so I kept it under control.
Calories: 1979
Cardio: 600
Minutes: 55
Deficit: -518.45

Tuesday 1/19:
Strength & Tone class – 300 calories
Teach Dance Fusion – 600 calories
25 pushups

Strength & Tone - DONE 436 calories burned (it's all the squats - 2 different kinds, lunges and side lunges that get that heart rate up!)
Dance Fusion - DONE 1 hour and 731 calories burned! Class is awesome (at least I have a blast doing it) and I get to dance and be silly. What a perfect way to burn lots of calories!

Calories: 2053 (remnants of the trail mix binge which was part of a midnight snack run)
Cardio: 1167
Minutes: 115
Deficit: -1009.85

No more trail mix so calories should go down. Current weight is 144.6! (same as last week but less than the week before)
Sorry - No pushups

Wednesday 1/20:
Teach Double Step class – 600 calories
30 minutes Running – 250 calories
25 pushups

Double Step Class - DONE 638 calories burned. I had a great turnout but 4 new people which caused the class to not be as fast paced. I'll post another blog about my day at the Y yesterday.
Run - Due to events at the Y yesterday I was very frustrated and irritated. The run felt like crap, the knee was hurting so I bagged the run. Did 12 minutes and 121 calories.

Calories: 1942 (It would appear that Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters are hard to resist as well!)
Cardio: 759
Minutes: 67
Deficit: -701.75

Weight is now at 144.0 so nuts and granola are still ok (in moderation)
Sorry - No pushups

Thursday 1/21:
Strength & Tone class – 300 calories **I may not get this in because my daughter has Brownies unless I find someone to bring her home while I am at the Y.
25 pushups

Did get to go to the Y and workout - :)
55 Minutes of Strength & Tone - 496 calories burned
64 pushups!
29 minutes on the elliptical for another 275 calories burned

Calories: 2134
Cardio: 771
Minutes: 84
Deficit: -540.95

Friday 1/22:
30 minutes on Elliptical – 300 calories
25 pushups

No exercise today - took it as a rest day again, and I am wondering if I should do that every Friday. Scale went up almost 2 pounds and it's not due to eating too much :) I'm thinking it's the training, water retention, muscles??? It's something but it's not fat - the inches didn't change. Hmmmm.

ACTUAL: I also went to lunch with my boss AND I went to a friend's house for a jewelry party - so calories were pretty high!

Calories: 2621
Cardio: 0
Minutes: 0
Deficit: 668.35

Saturday 1/23:
Teach Double Step – 650 calories burned
Teach Strength & Tone – 450 calories burned
25 pushups

55 minutes of Double Step (one lady wanted to sweat so I kicked it up and then she left halfway through! Hrumph) - Burned 762 calories
Avg HR 150, Peak 170, Min 109
58 minutes of Strength & Tone - Total calories 578 calories
Avg HR 127, Peak 147, Min 107
Did 100 Bicycles, 110 Pushups, 110 Hammer/Bicep Curls, 55 Tricep Dips, plus lots of squats and other exercises :) Class hated me!

Calories: 1824
Cardio: 1340
Minutes: 113
Deficit: -1388.95

Total Calories burned – 4750 for the week (Altho everything is already adding up to way more and when I put in my actuals which are sometimes higher I will exceed this.)

Total Calories burned - 6462
Total Exercise minutes - 595
Total Calorie deficit - -5001.03

Need to get food more under control though. But otherwise a good week.
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