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Anemia & Exercise~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I woke up in great spirits. I was a little tired and said to myself... go to the GYM..you will feel better.
I made myself my protein Shake ( Blueberries/Flax/Whey Protein/Naked Juice), dropped the kids off at School and I was off.
I walked into The Class ( Body Combat/Kickboxing ).
I knew ahead of time ( I am about to get my TOM ) that I may not be 100% today ( Anemia ).. so I made a mental note to take it slower. Do the lower impact moves.
I made it 40 minutes in.. and then I got a bit carried away. I was having fun with one of the moves and when we stopped? I went to drink soem water and realized I felt funny.
I decided to walk out and avoid a scene ( me fainting ) .
An adorable 70+ lady told me I was doing great...to stay.
I nicely told her... Thanks Honey but I feel faint... I will b back.
I sat down on the steps and felt better.
or so I thought.
I walked back in ,,, I was front and center. I then felt that funny feeling that I get and I knew I was about to faint again.
I just walked out.
I then was overwhelmed and walked into a small room and sat down. I took deep breaths and then started to cry.
I am far too young to feel like this.
I felt so sad that my health has gotten like this.
I eat a very healthy diet.... but since OCTOBER?
I stopped taking my Iron.
I was feeling fantastic and walking/jogging almost 4 miles sometimes daily.
I felt like a million bucks. ( So I stopped taking my Iron... DR told me I would need to take it for a GOOD 6 months and then he would recheck me... I ignored that/forgot it,,, cause I felt better.. )
I then got the Swine Flu and it lingered for 6 weeks. I was down for the count.
The cough lingered for a bit more and it seemed like I would never be 100%.
I never should have stopped taking my Iron Supplements. Never!!!
I still forget to take it at times and that needs to stop.
I need to stop talking the talk and start walking the walk.
PUT MYSELF FIRST....... before housecleaning/laundry/grocery shopping..etc etc etc .
I know I cannot eat 100% Clean all the time but I need to clean my diet up even more.
I need to pace myself more at the GYM and at the same time push harder and not GIVE UP!!!!
If anyone else out there has any advice on how to keep going while getting better?
I would love to hear it.
Until then ... I will just keep listening to my body the best I can.
And take better care of it.

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    Set a reminder for yourself to take your meds. Whatever works. For example, my husband brings an orange to work almost every day. He gets so caught up with what he's doing, he sometimes forgets to eat it, and then by the time he remembers, it's time to come home. Therefore he now has an Outlook Calendar recurring appointment, every day at 4 PM: Eat fruit!

    It works.
    3956 days ago
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