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#221: Cravings

Friday, February 05, 2010

I crave a chocolate candy bar and lasagne and spaghetti and pizza and country fried steak, a thick cheeseburger, key lime pie, gravy and mashed potatoes, oh my.

The likely reason for these cravings is stress which I admit to being under and also the healthy eating I've done lately as the weight drops. Watching the scale go down is self-motivating which makes me eat more salads and soups and other things "good for us."

This has not included any of the items above. That's where the cravings are also cemented. My recent diet has not been sufficiently varied and for that I'm swigging water like I'm fresh out of a desert. This helps make me feel full.

I'm also practicing positive mental imagery, keeping a visual in mind of how I want to look when I reach my ultimate goal.

And I'm telling myself there are less than two hours left in the day and that I have successfully stayed within my calorie range.

Plus a reminder to vary the eating more to avoid this kind of boredom trap.

Have you found yourself in a similar struggle where you practically see visions of foods floating in front of your eyes?

How do you handle it when images of banana cream pie tantalize you and a picture of a bucket of gravy and biscuits threatens to drive you crazy?

Perhaps your dreamed of foods are different but can you understand?

I think it's time for a "real" meal tomorrow.

Until then, though, the water is helping and the mental imagery is strong.

But tonight, if I can't sleep, there will be no counting of sheep for me. Instead, it may be pieces of pepperoni pizza. D'oh.

But I do know this: I WILL make it past this challenge and become stronger for having not given in.

That is a lesson for all of us. Not all of our journey will be without temptations. It is how we respond to these hurdles that tests our inner fortitude.

Ah, one more bottle of water and the cravings will be washed away. I am stronger than temptations. I WILL overcome hurdles facing me. I WILL succeed in meeting my goals one day at a time.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    oh how i now those feelings. been having them myself lately. drink water, no cravings. this is so true. i do that at work when the need to munch overtakes me i head for the water bottle. and it is headed off at the pass for another minute. good luck to you. your going to succeed, who wouldn't with all of us behind you? god bless.
    4040 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6035648
    Oh Gosh! I have days where I wish someone would just drop me into a 10 foot vat of hershey kisses, and leave me there until I can climb out using the empty wrappers as a ladder!! Other days I crave brussel sprouts of all things, go figure..
    I don't deprive myself, I will have a small piece of chocolate if the craving is that bad. The thing with me I think is a control issue. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't like being told what I can and can't do, or can or cant have. If I tell myself I can't have it, it makes me want it even more, so I have one small bite and the craving is over. On the flipside, if this make sense, it also has to do with priorities.. Do I want that piece of chocolate more than I want to fit into my old jeans comfortably again? When I look at it that way, the jeans more often than not win out.
    We are stronger than we think we are.. and I'm proud of you for over coming your cravings..Keep up the good work!
    4040 days ago
    I love the affirmations you proclaimed at the end of this blog. Yay YOU!!! Variety truly is the spice of life. I try very hard to avoid boredom by getting into routines and ruts with my meals and snacks. I was raised in New Orleans, where it's a very firm rule that your mouth should throw a party at every meal. I'm trying to keep up with that tradition and still eat in a more healthy manner!
    4040 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3872418
    I admire your strength and determination. You ARE stronger than those cravings, and as always, they will pass.

    I know what you mean though. When my cravings get really bad, I sometimes dream of my most favorite foods when I sleep! It's really hard to fight cravings sometimes, but it's always worth it.

    Stay strong, Lou!

    4041 days ago
    Lou, Hang tough my friend! You are right that the cravings represent something else besides just the food. Identifying the triggers and taking positive steps to change things is good.

    Remember, your Sparkfriends are here to help you get through this!

    4041 days ago
    Stay Strong, Brother! emoticon This was inspiring to me!
    4041 days ago
    I am not a good example to follow , I ate a brownie for breakfast, but in times past I would not stop at one so I am getting stronger. emoticon
    4041 days ago
    I cut the sweet cravings by having Yoplait Light yogurt. Sure, there are 20 g of carbs per serving, but carbs are not the enemy; carbs in excess are the enemy! I'm not sure of your particular diet, so perhaps you can't have those, but they do work to chase away the cravings with sweet flavors like key lime pie, lemon cream pie, and bavarian cream pie.. the orange creme is also fabulous. They are only 100 cals with 0 fat. As for the pizza, maybe you could make a home made version just cut down to be healthier. It's not exactly the same, but you can make a decent fake out with some pita bread, pizza sauce, low fat mozzarella cheese, and fresh veggies! There are healthier alternatives to anything you can make full fat/calorie.

    Good luck!
    4041 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    I am right there with you. For some reason I have felt like a bottomless pit lately and even ate some "safe" things for me, graham crackers and another time ONE slice of banana bread. I was like this for at least 3 days but suddenly, last night it was gone. Praise God. He is my main Helper. During those times I pray hard and pray some more. I don't know why it happens but this week dh and I have stepped up our weight training and I wonder if that is it. I am surprised today that I feel skinny again...but I weigh in Monday so will find out then what is going on. I am a "rigid" type person so that is the hardest thing for me....to try to eat a bit more calories when I know I am burning more and my body may need them.
    You are doing great, Lou. Keep it up! emoticon
    4041 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5411411
    You aren't hungry so don't eat any of that. You can do this and you will love how you feel when you take control of those nasty cravings. Have a successful weekend emoticon
    4041 days ago
  • TRACY180
    I had some pizza today (1.5 servings). It was good. I could have stood to have more but I am trying to manage my portions so that I can still enjoy the fattening goodies at times. I have some a frozen custard cake that is left over from my birthday but I keep running out of calories before I can have a piece. I crave it sometimes and chocolate is my worst one. I can sometimes taste chocolate in my mouth if I talk about it. I am leary of my ability to eat that in a reasonable way. I might eat the whole bag in a few days if I open it. I am planning on having some of it some day. I will probably finish the frozen custard some time this month and have some of the chocolate next month. I tell you I eat so slow through the sweets because I hardly have the calories left to have them and they don't fill me/satisfy me if I am hungry.
    4041 days ago
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