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Takes Time To Turn It Around

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Giving birth is so much joy, a new born girl or boy.
Then you look in the mirror and what do you see,
the pounds added on over the months, need to come
off, you start doing body crunches, exercising every day,
eating the right foods, then comes the day you get on
the scale, it didn't move, you feel all was done for
It takes time to turn it around.

You have worked hard all of your life, then one day you
you wake up in pain. You ask yourself, "what did I do?"
You rest that day, next day your fine. A week later it is back
again, stronger then the first day it did begin.
Your body is saying, please slow down, I hurt to much to get
It takes time to turn it around.

Your Golden Years have arrived, you retire from work, and plan
a great time. Your body doesn't work like it did before, you feel
crooked, worn out, and can't reach the floor.
Now you need help, and struggle some more, takes forever to
walk to the door.
"What are these Golden Years for,?" you ask yourself in despair.
You once were so independent, plant flowers, and a garden,
danced all night till the early dawn.
It takes time to turn it around.

It is Gods way of saying slow down, enjoy the beauty you see
all around.
The wild flowers, fruits and berries. The tall green trees and green
grass growing, the hills and mountainsides, I made for you.
Sit back relax and enjoy the view.
It takes time to turn it around.

by:paula strasburg
hugs and love, God Bless You.

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