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From The Heart

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Words spoken from the heart, are the truest
words of all.
Words that come alive and touch
someone's soul.
So softly and gently, like a whisper
so small, like a white rose the
purest of all.

God speaks His words to your heart
and they enter within, He is
reaching out to you, He is your
best friend.

With all the love I have in
my heart, I am writing this letter
to you.

I wish you happiness, and caring
friends, angels to watch over you.
Days of laughter and sunshine each
day the whole year through.

Never give up dreaming, dreams
do come true.
With hope and faith in all that
you do, believe in yourself, as
I believe in you.

One more thing I would like
to add, I am thinking of you,
that is what friends do.

God Loves You,

by : Paula Strasburg

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