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I Am Concerned....~~~

Thursday, February 25, 2010

These are my opinions, feelings and concerns about Face Book.
When face book was added to spark people, I was excited at first. Another way to
bring family and friends to join spark people .
I am finding out how wrong I was in my thinking.

I feel sad as I see in groups I have joined a dwindling of members.
At one time responses were posted to members by leaders, or co-leaders.
It felt good to visit a team and participate...now I feel it is not worth it.

What got me to express my feelings? Today I received two e-mails from
face book, inviting me to join two teams....
I myself have visited face book and left a few comments on it.
I also know face book has games to play, and another way to keep
in touch with family and friends.
Another way for spark people to reach out to others.
Which is good.

We do need our leaders and co-leaders here too, on the spark people site,
where it all began.....we need the members too who also encourage and inspire
us, motivate us, and inspire us.
Where is the support we all need on our journeys?

I am so thankful for the spark friends I have made, who leave encouraging
messages, comments on friend feed, on blogs, on my spark page, and the wonderful
way they think of me and send goodies.
I appreciate them........

Please, whoever reads this let me know how you feel about this blog, tell me if I am
wrong in my thinking. I would appreciate it.

much love to you all, and hugs :)

Days Gone By~~~by Paula Strasburg

So many days come and go, I wonder
where they hide.
Do they just slip aside until next year
when again they come alive.

Like the seasons that come and go,
they return born again.
Like the tree that sheds its leaves,
it returns to bloom again..

Friends who pass on by one day,
to return another day.
Leaving there spark on a page,
or to say hello another day.

Days that come and go are so
different in many ways.
Let's enjoy each one before it
gets away.

love and hugs,
by: paula Strasburg

God Bless You !!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    SP posting seems to come and go in ebbs and flows . . . are you saying you think FB is having a negative impact on the posting?

    Could be.

    I think part of it is the time of year.

    As the weather gets warmer alot of people start really focusing on SP. They vacate at Halloween and come back every Spring, when they start considering they're going to be wearing shorts and a swimsuit in a few weeks, and the lightbulb goes on that they need SPFriends and SP lifestyle changes & motivation.
    4025 days ago
    I am a sparker! I have facebook & myspace pages but rarely go on them. I am not happy with the way that they are handled. I don't like spam. I don't like the stupid "games". If I wanted to live on a farm I would. I don't want to be a part of a mafia war. On and On it goes. I am here to sparkle and shine and I WILL keep it up. I agree with your blog. Love, Dawn emoticon
    4027 days ago
    4028 days ago
    Paula, I am not into FB at all and give my total committement to the teams that I am co-leader on. Being here 4 years I have seen members come and go. Life happens and some people just do not have the time for sparking like they used to or they have moved on to other sites. Certain seasons are also quieter than others, it does go up & down.

    Thanks again for another lovely poem!

    Love & hugs

    4028 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4066885
    I don't like facebook, never have .. never will .. that's my story and I'm sticking to it emoticon
    4028 days ago
    paula i don't use face book ,probably never will. i came here for the friendship and support. a lot of the teams here dwindled and changed .people are busy with lives. i do have a group of friends i check up on every day like to read there blogs because the are inspirational . what makes me sad is that some of the great inspirationalblogs here never make it the favorites so others can read them. this was a good blog and i loved your poem. emoticon
    4028 days ago
    I don't mix my sites either. To me the two sites are different creatures for different purposes. I too, have dropped teams when they stopped being active or when I found out they were not what they said they were to start with. I have found, lately, that more than following particular teams, for the most part I follow certain people (that sounds kind of stalkerish-LOL). Every team I have joined has led me to one or two or three great people, who regardless of team affiliation, are worth knowing and sticking with!! Like you for instance!! :)
    4028 days ago
    I don't think you are wrong. I've looked at the activity level and sent off notes to the leaders before joining some teams since I want to be active and give and receive support. In some cases I have dropped some teams since I was not contributing nor was there a good level of activity. I use FB exclusively for family and some friends. I find the greatest support on SparkPeople comes from interactions with the people wonderful people I now call friends and the great ideas on the message boards and blogs.
    4028 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5968222
    I have totally felt the same way about the decline of people posting!! I did not know that it crossed over with facebook. I am on facebook as a totally separate site. I joined SP for the team encouragement to help me lose weight. I keep looking for teams that might be real active with a lot of posting but so far have not been real successful. I like my teams but I would really like to find one that more people are posting and one that really sets up great challenges!!! I love the challenges! So here's to all of the encouraging postings!!!!! I will not give up on this journey!!! emoticon
    4028 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1951302
    Well, I do find a lot of posting here on SparkPeople. Facebook, I mainly use for family and church members. I enjoy both, but spend far less time on FB, since I don't do the games, and only sometimes do a quiz. I spend most of my computer time here on SP.
    4028 days ago
    Paula, I enjoyed your poem so much. It expressed thoughts I've had often, especially as the years fly by. Appreciate each day as that's all we really have.
    4028 days ago
    Paula, I've only been here since 10/09. This site is so huge that I am only able to keep up with the 14 or so people I picked as friends, plus the blogs I find interesting. I try to comment when someone is a "first" time blogger. I try to add new friends if it looks like the person is new and needs support.

    I feel I get the support I need from the goodies and comments on my blogs/sparks page.

    The other thing I feel is that I don't want to spend more time on the computer. I am getting about 100 pts a day and that takes work tracking the food, cardio etc. and time.

    So in answer to your question, I just never got into the teams very much. I do not do face book at all. But this is just me. Good blog. Sandy
    4028 days ago
  • NANNER2121
    I agree. I dropped some teams to join others when I was the only one posting for weeks at a time. I guess in our quest for information and entertainment it is human nature to explore other sites so as we lose some I know we will gain many others. I have a Facebook account to communicate and interact with my grandchildren, but I spend very little time on it and do not join teams or play games there. Not enough time in the day even if I was interested.
    While the teammanship may be dwindling, I'm finding the personal interaction between Sparkers is steadily increasing. So I guess that is the give and take of all things in life.
    emoticon emoticon
    4028 days ago
    Paula, I have no experience with facebook so I was hoping you could help clarify for me. Are there teams on facebook as well as sparkpeople? Is your concern with facebook or here on sparkpeople?
    I've noticed that team involvement is really down and that there has been a lot less interaction and support. I've thought perhaps I'm on the wrong teams, or perhaps it is my involvement that is actually down between travel and illness lately.

    God Bless you my friend
    4028 days ago
  • RD03875
    The same thing happened to a lot of my cross stitch groups. Fads and interests come and go. I personally only use facebook once in a great while and only to connect with family and long lost friends. I don't spend all day there, I spend all day here on SparkPeople and have noticed an increase in team "traffic"
    4028 days ago
    This is an absolutely accurate, and stunningly beautiful post. Please know I am here if you need someone to connect with. God Bless.
    Misha emoticon
    4028 days ago

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