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Revising my weight Loss Goal

Monday, March 01, 2010

With each week I have been thinking more and more about my weight loss goal. Like many people I set my weight loss goal when I first signed up for SP in 2007 and had a large amount of weight to lose. I had been overweight for almost all of my life, so I had no idea what weight I would look good at with my current height and build. So, I picked a number. 150 lbs. That was 65 lbs to lose and seemed huge to me, so very far away in the future.

Now that I am 4 lbs away from my goal I've started to re-evaluate my goal. It has taken me over two years, and a bit of back sliding and lack of commitment, but I can see the finish line now. My original goal was achievable. However, I'm starting to see the flaws in my original goal. It still leaves me with an overweight BMI, I still can't manage to fit into regular size 10 jeans, but a size 12 is too big, and there are still some stores where I can't find anything that looks good and fits me properly. I am close to achieving a number on the scale, but I haven't achieved all of my other weight associated goals.

So, here I am re-evaluating my target weight. What is the right number??? Is there ever a right number? How much difference will an extra 5 lbs make. So, I'm thinking I will re-adjust my target weight loss to 145 lbs. It is still achievable in my time frame, before my trip to Scotland & Ireland, and it will put me in the top end of the healthy BMI range. From there who knows. I'll probably re-evaluate again once I hit 149 lbs to see if I want to can lose more. So, here I go . . . . 145 lbs here I come!
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    "Everyday do one thing that scares you. " Changing goals is indeed scary - I recently changed my goal from 180 to 165 (and I'm further away from 180 than you are from 150!)

    "Fortune Favors Fools" I just hope that we aren't fools!

    You can do this!
    4171 days ago
    Excellent job on being so close to your weight-loss goals! I think it's smart that you are going to just see what happens if you lose a few more pounds...everyone is different and only you know what's best. Congrats on getting so far and being such a wonderful inspriration!
    4172 days ago

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    I'm glad that you've made a new goal weight for yourself. I don't know if 150 is right for me, but I chose that number over a year and a half ago. I too would still be overweight at 150 and a healthy right-in-the-middle BMI for me is 130 lbs. I can't imagine me at 130. I was very, very close to 300 lbs back in 1995.
    BMI doesn't take into account a well-muscled body, so who knows what weight is really "right" for anyone? All we can do is work on what we would like to see in the mirror, without going overboard or getting obsessed.
    4173 days ago

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    Yep.... as you know from reading my blogs that I will probably be adjusting my goal again once I reach it. Like you I believe my BMI will still not be appropriate and too high. Though I am older than you... but that isn't an excuse! Just a reality to being older and trying to loose that belly fat.
    I was reading the other day that any waist measurement over 35" is not healthy. And here I sit at 36".
    Great job at keeping at it.... even when we fall off.... getting back on is half the battle!
    Keep up the good work.... spring is coming.....
    4174 days ago
    I'm having a similar dilemma. Everyone's body is different and we all carry weight very differently. At 140 I was in a tight size 10, where as I've seen some women at 135 in a 6! The "right" weight for you is up to you. You have done a great job to gt to where you are, but if this weight doesn't "feel and look" the way you expected, keep working at it. Eventually you will find the right weight and you will know when you reach it without stepping on a scale or looking in a mirror.

    WooHoo! Keep it going girl - You are a Losing Lady!
    4175 days ago
    Wow, I'm impressed that you are so close to your goals and you've stuck with it for 2 years! Awesome!! Congratulations being so close to your goal weight. There's nothing wrong with rethinking your goals, it's actually probably a very healthy thing to do, for your mind not just your body. You can totally torch those last few pounds before your trip!!!
    4175 days ago
    Cool! Awesome!
    What you have done is amazing!
    To persist over 2 years! And be a sneeze away from goal!
    OF COURSE it is fine to re-think! Hopefully, you've been re-thinking and reassessing all along. Yes there is a right number. It is the number at which you feel healthy and happy and can maintain easily and the doctor says you are still fine.

    Since you are still motivated to lose more, and still overweight, I'd go for it. IMO, aim to go 3 pounds under goal. Then, practice going no more than 3 pounds over goal weight EVER. This gives you a slight cushion every day, and a healthy range of weight maintenance. If you ever get more than 3 extra pounds over goal weight, you diet until you are 3 pounds under goal, and then return to maintaining your loss...

    All in all, congratulations! Enjoy your travels!
    4175 days ago
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