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#246: Don’t Allow Fear of Success to Derail Your Efforts

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

"99% of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses." George Washington Carver

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Much has been written about people’s fear of success, that invisible barrier that is so often so impenetrable. Simply put, many people can not visualize themselves as successful individuals. Consequently, their subconscious sabotages their efforts to change.

Regarding weight loss, this refers to the person who constantly laments that they have always been heavy, or that they are big-boned, or that they tried to lose weight in the past but were not successful or that their cousin tried a particular diet plan that didn’t work. There’s always an excuse.

Their image of themselves is so flawed that even if they were absolutely guaranteed to become the fit, healthy, weight-appropriate person they desire to be, they would find some reason not to make their efforts work.

Haven’t you encountered such people?

Perhaps you have even been in their place, making excuses and refusing to believe, truly believe that you CAN become the person you long to be.

So, how do we fight such negative attitudes?

First, I believe, is to have a healthy self-ego, a sense of personal pride that we are valuable people, despite our weight.

Second, we need to develop a belief system, one that constantly tells us that we WILL overcome our situations and that we CAN become a new person.

Third, we must fill our minds and hearts with positive affirmations that we see and say throughout every day. We need to continually tell ourselves that we are good people, invaluable in fact in God’s eyes, that we are bred for success and endowed with the elements we need to succeed.

Fourth, we must develop a never say die attitude and never, ever quit pursuing our dreams. It’s true that our day-to-day efforts are going to produce varied, sometimes up and down, results. We must not let these fluctuations deter us from our goal.

We have the tools of success within us. We simply must provide an attitude that allows us to be successful. Don’t allow fear of success to derail your efforts

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