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Move Aside, here I come...I am going to beat the Gout!!!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Another health problem has appeared to give more pain and
crying tears.
I am having a bout with gout for a couple of weeks, and hope
soon it will be over.
I am on an antibiotic as the infection has spread throughout
my body to my feet.
It is clearing up some,but not going away.
My doctor said if , now the word if which I need to make a
decision it is not doing better, to go to the emergency room Fri.
I do not want to do this, but may need to.

I found that with the infection I was doing alot of sleeping.
Very tired and loss of appetite. I checked on line for information
about the gout and found that aspirin causes it, so along with
arthritis, it then becomes active.

I take baby aspirin every day and have for a long time.
I have been dealing with it, and doing fine so far.
I am sharing this with you, incase someone else knows
or has had gout and how they dealt with it.

Move Aside, here I come, I am going to beat the Gout!!

thank you for reading this posting.....

love and hugs, Paula:)
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