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#249: How Imaginative Are You?

Friday, March 05, 2010

Are you an imaginative person? Do you think creatively? When people talk about thinking “outside of the box” do you ask them what box? emoticon

Remember when we were children and a stick became a magic sword that helped fight fierce enemies and an empty cardboard box was turned into an impenetrable castle?

Where did such thinking go as we aged? What happened to our imaginations? Simply watching children play or color or draw or see wonderful shapes in overhead clouds emoticon will open our eyes to the vast universe of their young minds and open our minds to possibilities that, at first blush, might not have been obvious.

We often can not see a solution to our problems because our thinking is too stagnant.

Let’s test your insight for a moment. I caution that this example will sound really, really stupid at first. Heck, it’ll sound really stupid afterwards, too, but it will get your mental juices flowing.

Imagine being in a room with solid walls, floor and ceiling. There are no doors or windows only a mirror and a table. How do you get out?

The answer? Look in the mirror to see what you saw then take the saw and cut the table in half. We all know that two halves equal a whole, so you then crawl out of the hole. emoticon

Boo hiss. I warned you. emoticon

But doesn’t it get the creative mind working? Yes, it stretches the imagination to figure a way out, but, you know what? A truly imaginative thinker would have asked, “How did you get in there in the first place?”

Won’t you stretch the boundaries of your thinking today and let your imagination run wild, like it did when we were kids playing mighty pirates, slaying dinosaurs and traveling to new faraway worlds in our minds? emoticon

Let’s not become stodgy, set-in-our-ways grownups.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD5178852
    Mirror, mirror on this table
    How'd I get stuck in this fable?
    If I sit and pray and pout,
    Won't some Knight come get me out????

    4009 days ago
    emoticon blog Lou! That's why we're called children of God, or have child like faith, because God wants us to have an imagination as we did when we were a child! Beyond what we could ask or think of! emoticon analogy! I really enjoyed this and it got my imagination going! Thanks Lou!!
    4012 days ago
    I love this blog. My husband adored it. He is SUCH a word confuser. Makes me nuts. lol It also means he's a lotta fun! I enjoyed the responses every bit as much as the blog itself. Thank you, Lou!!


    4012 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    I try always to use my imagination. I feel I have a great one. I love thinking of crazy things about every day ordinary stuff. Keeps the mind young I think.

    Good Post my Friend! emoticon

    No one accuses me of being set in my ways :)
    4012 days ago
    My DH has a great capacity to "think outside the box". I have the good sense to follow his lead when he comes up with another one of his many imaginitive solutions.
    4013 days ago
    I was thinking like sparklove, about the mirror. My first thought was that the mirror was magical and the person went in through the mirror and then the mirror closed completely. In order for the person to get out they had to break the mirror and then there would be an entrance.
    4013 days ago
    You could find yourself in a room with no windows or doors if someone build the room around you -which is what I was thinking could be possiable. I was thinking -now I will have to break the mirroe and use it for a tool to cut a window or door . LOL

    I liked your answer -that was so funny! emoticon

    Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh. Hugs, Joy
    4013 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    Lou, this is a great blog. However, I was never blessed with a great imagination. I have always been a great follower but not a leader...except of myself. I am an extremely good worker but would rather be taught what to do. Maybe I should pray about this to open my imagination.
    4013 days ago
  • LINDA25427
    Great blog thanks for sharing . God bless. Hugs emoticon emoticon
    4013 days ago
    I am blessed in that I babysit my grandchildren daily. Today I was the "jailer" who guarded the jail when the "playground police" arrested those who broke the "rules" whatever the rules were determined to be. Then I was the "monster" that chased them around the "castle" while they squealed their heads off. In the pool I am usually the shark trying to eat the mermaid princesses or maybe an alligator... sometimes we are "la-di-da" ladies at the "spa" getting our hair done. I'm very blessed indeed. Thanks for a great blog. Love, Dawn PS: In the case of the room.... I was thinking, I reach into my pocket for my bag of holding, pull out my peacock feather of teleportation and pop myself out! emoticon
    4013 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/5/2010 11:36:15 PM
    Imagination is SUCH a wonderful thing! And the freedom to exercise that imagination is equally as wonderful! It is necessary for all people to use their imaginations!

    Great blog, Lou!
    4013 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2833646
    I love it! When I made a comment to my daughter about if she kept that upp she would fall on her tail and break it, she immediately began turning around to see her tail! She is 7.
    4013 days ago
    Remember the new sneakers that could make us run or jump faster? One of the first things I asked myself is how did I get there in the first place??? I'll just reverse rhe process and find my way out emoticon I'm out
    4013 days ago
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