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#252: Still Finding Positives In Hardships

Monday, March 08, 2010

I try to find the positive in all negative situations. Today was another example.

The day was wonderful. Perfect weather that had people outside working to beautify their yards. A positive meeting of an advisory board on which I serve -- the Commission on Aging. Meeting several new people at businesses I needed to visit.

All in all a pretty great day.

Until I came out of a restaurant and found that my car's driver's window slid all of the way down. The motor was broken for the second time in less than two years. Just when I thought the finances were solid for a short while, here came another $309.00 bill.

But the good news? The mechanic was open and is someone I've known for nearly 30 years and trust implicitly. We had quite a stimulating conversation while we waited for the part to be delivered. We learned the part cost less today than in 2008. Always good news. Then, to help me, the mechanic cut his hourly rate in half. More positive news.

And, it wasn't raining which would have soaked the inside of the car while I was inside and while I drove to his shop. The window motor didn't break when he was closed or when I had more errands to finish.

Yes, there are always positives we can discover in negative situations if we look hard enough. There is no need to hang our heads and bemoan our trials and troubles. Those are going to happen no matter what.

It is how we respond to our tribulations that makes us stronger and reinforces our positive outlook on life.
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