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7 More Lessons I Learned from The Biggest Loser

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Anytime I watch the Biggest Loser, I reflect on something and come away with a lesson learned. I haven't watched any of the other shows this season, but tonight, here were some random things I took away:

1. This battle never gets easier- every day matters. The contestants work so hard, and they never really give themselves an "off day". I know their time on the show is limited, but they really use all of their time to get to their goals. I am very inconsistent. I will do great for a few days, then slack off. Or, I will have great results on the exercise, but not with the eating. When the contestants get stronger and something gets easier for them, the trainers give them a new challenge to focus on- they never coast or just get along. This show reminds me of the guy with the magic act who spins plates...he works so hard to get all of his plates steady and spinning at the same time-he gets everything going the way he wants it- but he can't take his eyes off the plates or one of them may fall! I need to keep my plates spinning!

2. After they weigh in, they spend some time reflecting on their progress, but they show up and get to work the very next day. Maybe they don't show it, but I doubt the people who lost weight run out and eat pizza and just pig out that night! Wouldn't that seem crazy? Yet, that is what I do! When the scale rewards me, or when I am feeling good after a lot of work, I give myself permission to celebrate- and usually that is with food! This is a terrible habit that I am working so hard to break- but tonight really made me think about what I do, and it showed me how destructive it is! I would think it was crazy if they did it, and I can see now that it is so crazy that I do it!

3. There is a pride and satisfaction that comes with knowing you gave 100%. Even when the scale didn't show a number they wanted, each person was able to remember how hard they worked. Although the scale may not have made everyone happy, it did not erase their week of hard work and effort.
It reminds me that there are many ways to measure success.

4. A workout needs to be a challenge. I spend a lot of time on my treadmill. I know when I have worked hard and broken a sweat, and when I have "done my time". I wish I could have Bob or Jillian in the room with me...but I am the only one in there, so I need to be my own cheerleader and push harder. I track my calorie burn and my miles- I need to challenge myself to increase those with each workout. I also need to do things I don't really love to do- like run- if I want to see progress. Bob and Jillian make those people squeeze out everything they have to give in each workout- I know there is always more I can give to each session! It's like a tube of toothpaste- it may seem empty- but if you really squeeze it and try to get everything from it, you can usually get a good last squirt!

5. This week, the contestants had to fit exercise around their work. Now let's be real- they did not have kids to feed, a house to clean and laundry to do...but the point was- if you really want this (the weight loss) YOU have to make it happen. Does that mean getting up early? Staying up later? Not watching TV and exercising instead? Logging off Sparks and doing 50 Burpees instead of posting messages for a half hour? If I want it bad enough, I will find a way!

6. This week, I was listening to someone on the radio. He was kind of a black and white sort of thinker, but he was saying how tired he gets of people with excuses. He used weight loss as an example. He said he gets tired of people complaining that they are trying so hard to lose weight. His answer was a very simple "No, you're not!" "If you are still fat, you are not trying hard enough!" Right! Very typical of his kind of thinking! At first, I got mad at him! How would he know...but then, when I really thought about it, I knew he was right. How many times do I eat "just one bite" of something I shouldn't? How many times do I reduce the incline on the treadmill from 6 to 2...because I want it to be easier? Am I always really trying? Now, I don't expect perfection- but in all honesty- I know I could try harder. I got that message loud and clear from the radio man, and from watching all of the contestants on The Biggest Loser. It is a message I need to hear! I am either doing this or I'm not... I am either going to do what I need to do or I'm not....
To you, Radio Man, I say "Yes I am!" and my actions will back that up! If Jillian were screaming "Just do it!!!" in my face, I would yell right back and tell her "I will do this!!!"

7. I was reminded tonight that even though none of these people are at their goal weight, they all look so much better than they did when they started! Every step of progress shows- and it looks more beautiful than not making progress! It is beautiful to have a strong, toned body. It may not be perfect- but it is better than what it was! None of these contestants looks like their "before" picture. My transformation may not be as dramatic as quickly as theirs- but I can't wait for my "after" picture!! I can't wait to clean out my closet and get rid of the "big" clothes! My granny panties will be gone for good!!

So, that's what I learned. How about you? Any lessons learned?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog post. I really enjoyed reading it.
    4010 days ago
    Great blog!!! Thanks!
    4013 days ago
  • LLTS01
    Wow- these are great takeaways . I really agree with you especially on times when we all just do our time rather than making every second of our workout count .
    Thanks for a great post.

    4013 days ago
    You are simply AMAZING!
    4014 days ago
    Wow I am glad I am not the only one that gets those glimpses of insight from the show. Yes I would love to go on Biggest Loser but chances are I probably won't and I need to do this myself and I can. And I know I will make it. I would love to have Jillian up in my face. So for now I will do what I have to. And if we all stick together we will make it. And I am up for burning the granny panties. I so want some Lace and frilly girly clothes. emoticon
    4015 days ago
    Thank you for the emoticon in the pants. I needed it. I have not been trying hard at all. However If I want this I will do it.

    Thank you so much for sharing it. I will ride my bike tonight.
    Cecelia emoticon
    4016 days ago
    emoticon blog. I actually left it open on my computer because I really wanted to respond and I had to run to pick up DD from preschool.

    Ok, for point #1-spin the plates but don't forget to breathe while you do it!

    Point #2-how about making a list of rewards for yourself? Then you could consult that list instead of using food as your reward. You are a bright, intelligent, strong woman who CAN DO THIS! So making it about a new outfit, a mani/pedi or some other treat that you don't give yourself very often. PUT YOU & YOUR HEALTH FIRST! You are worth the time & effort!

    Point #3-yes you can measure the energy you have and the way you feel too!

    Point #4-I too wish I could have Jillian here. Although, part of me did in the workout I did today. But we do have to push ourselves-and even one another-further. It is worth it in the long run and we will be SO glad we did. The results will make us proud that we did! We have to keep that in mind when we feel defeated and want to give up!

    Point #5-I like to say "How big is your want" or "Are you interested or committed?"

    Point #6-Your mentioning the radio guy really triggered something one of my WW leaders want said. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time remembering her exact wording. The gist of it is the same. I will try and call her and ask her as it's bugging me now that I can't share it with you! Grrrrr...

    Point #7-let's have a Granny Panty Burning Party emoticon I'm with you there. Just remember Progress NOT perfection!

    I know that ICANDOIT CAN DO IT emoticon
    4016 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6368620
    Ang, what a fantastic blog!! I absolutely love your analogies, especially the ones about the spinning plates and the toothpaste tube! You're a very honest woman for admitting that you reward yourself with food...spend some time thinking of what non-food rewards you might look forward to as you continue to lose weight (which I know you will).

    Rock those workouts, girl! Go after what you want and TAKE IT!!!!

    4016 days ago
    Boy did you sum up my life in a nutshell! Great blog and I truly appreciate you putting into words what happens to me. It is not that I don't know these lessons - it is because I don't apply them effectively that I am in the shape I am in.

    We can only control what we do and how we react. Such a simple statement but so true.

    4016 days ago
    Great Post! Well said and with loads of feelings and sentiments I could relate to.
    4016 days ago
  • HEALTHY730
    Thank you for your insights. Today is my first day on Sparks and I am most nervous about my ability to commit to something I want so badly. Thanks for holding up a mirror. I am looking forward to hitting all my little goals for the day today.
    Thanks. I feel so ready for Wednesday.
    4016 days ago
    Awesome insight. I am watching the DVR show right now and getting my motivations back! Watch out Wednesday here I come!
    4016 days ago
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