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#254: On Being Sick

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit of a baby emoticon when I get sick, like I have been this afternoon and tonight.

You know the feeling – clogged sinuses, watery eyes, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose, fever emoticon, gurgling insides, coughing and a headache. One minute you’re chilled; the next too warm emoticon. Light hurts the eyes. Noise hurts the ears. You’re hungry, but the thought of food makes your stomach feel queasy. The concentration is impaired so watching TV or reading is out. Oh, woe is me. Sniffle, sniffle.

I don’t get a cold often, maybe once every few years and I don’t enjoy the feeling. I like sleeping emoticon but when all you can do is get out of bed for a few minutes at a time, the life of leisure wears thin real fast. Part of me wants to continue at my normal pace of getting things done but the energy simply isn’t there to do more than shuffle from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen and back to the bedroom. It’s frustrating. I know, poor, poor baby.

How about you? When you’re under the weather do you want to simply be left alone in your misery or do you want someone else to help make things better? Do you want to fend for yourself or be waited on?

What suggestions or home remedies can you offer to ease the suffering? The obvious is hot tea with lemon and honey.

Any other ideas to help a baby cope? emoticon

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    I have not had a cold in 3 years , but when I do : I rest-gargle with salt water-drink Cream of Chicken Soup with some garlic chopped and added to it -watch something funny that will make me laugh-pray. Get Well Soon, Joy
    4006 days ago
    I'm sorry to read that you've caught a cold! I hate them.
    You're tired because your body is very busy fighting the virus. Let yourself REST, prop a good book or a boring book in front of you and sleep, read, etc. If your throat is sore, it may be due to nasal drainage pooling in the back of your throat if you're laying flat. If you have a recliner chair, sleep in it because it will keep your head up and your throat won't get as sore...and your nasal passages will be clearer.
    DRINK LOTS of water. It thins the drainage from your nasal passages and lessens the soreness of your throat, etc.
    Don't use a handkerchief to blow your nose. Use tissues and throw away so that you don't continually come in contact with germs. Wash your hands often, for the same reason.
    I personally do not like using OTC medications. I have found that I recover much faster by not using them and by following the suggestions above. If I'm absolutely desperate because I just can't breathe, I'll use saline nose spray. That's it. Aches and pains? I'll take a pain reliever for a day or two. My husband likes to take a hot, soaking bath to relieve congestion and aches.
    And just when you think it'll last forever, just remember that a cold lasts two weeks. We can handle anything for two weeks, right? emoticon
    4007 days ago
    I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. Me either. It must be something that's going around again. I thought mine was a sinus infection. I too am clogged, hot-cold, feeling miserable and soooo tempted to just go home from work. Sleep is my remedy. Plenty of fresh fruit juices. And a lot of acetaminophen or ibuprofen. I switch back and forth to protect my liver. Another thing I do is make a fresh batch of chicken vegetable soup. I end up making a ton, because you just can't make a small portion of homemade soup. It's impossible. Wish I could send you some. I hope you're feeling better real soon.
    4008 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4114015
    Lou, I am so sorry you are not well. It will run its course. My dh is like you and he is a baby also. All I can suggest is chicken soup, sleep and of course prayers.
    Hope you are better SOON! I actually never have the luxury of changing my schedule when I am sick and I am so hyper/driven that I don't want to...but thankfully it has been several years since I have even had a cold that kept me down.
    4008 days ago
    Hey Lou! Hang in there and use this time to rest. Your body obviously needs it. I use Nyquil and sleep as much as possible. No home remedies. Just lots of rest. I don't want any help either. I just like to get through it.

    Feel better soon! Hugs

    4008 days ago
    Here is Mark Twain's advice on curing a cold:

    4008 days ago
    Hot water, honey & cinnamon powder is a cure all that TRAVELNISTA shared with me and IT WORKED! You can do it with TEA too but the cinnamon powder seems to be the special "fix it". Feel better soon my friend. I'll keep good thoughts for you. You're in my prayers. Love, Dawn
    4008 days ago
  • LINDA25427
    Lou sorry you are feeling bad ,when I get a cold or sinus headache I like to go to bed and be left alone but when I'm really sick I want someone there with me ... Praying for you and hope your 100% real soon .Take care and try to rest if possible . emoticon emoticon
    4008 days ago
    Most of the times like that I prefer to curl up in bed with my animals around me and when I feel like moving, it's good to have a long soak in a hot tub with bath oil or bubbles if you have any.
    4008 days ago
    I think it depends on what I am dealing with. If it is an injury that has me laid up, or someoother type of ailment that has my mobility limited more that it normally is, then I do appreciate having someone around. If I am dealing with a cold or the flu, I pretty much want to be left alone, so I can sleep when I an tired, or just rest as much as possible. Then, in dealing with issues of blood pressure and such, like this past weekend, I DEFINITELY want someone around. I think that is more of a security issue, though.

    I am praying for you to feel better soon.
    4008 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6035648
    Sorry you feel so ill.. I will pray for your healing..
    Try drinking hot apple juice.. Not sure why it works, but it seems to be the cure all for me when I have a cold.. Also, if you can tolerate it, up your garlic and onion intake. Both contain antiviral/antibacterial properties..
    I get what I call "voracious ravenous-itis" when I'm sick.. meaning, I get so hungry I'd eat cardboard if there wasn't anything else available! That usually happens right before the first symptoms hit, so I know something is brewing.. Hope you feel better! emoticon
    4008 days ago
    Well, you wouldn't want him, but you CAN'T have my husband! emoticon I want him to wait on my hand and foot when I'm sick, poor guy! emoticon I couldn't do without him! emoticon

    Lou, I hope you feel better really fast! I hate being sick, too! Drink LOTS of WATER! emoticon emoticon
    4008 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Someone also said to put Ginger in the hot tea with lemon and honey? I tried it but it bothered my throat but tasted good.

    You were standing too close to me, and caught my cold. I was miserable for a week, too. Just rest, sleep, get up for a bit and back to bed. Works wonders, sleep!

    I like being babied, but living alone it's kinda hard :(

    Feel better emoticon
    4008 days ago
    I wish I were closer so I could make you some soup!! I laid on my back with my foot in the air for months when I cut my toe off. I didn't want company because I was in too much pain, but I did want people to check on me. I pray you are restored to good health soon, my friend.


    4009 days ago
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