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Totally stepping out of my comfort zone - and winning!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I did it! I made green belt in Karate last night! I can't believe it! Me, someone who NEVER participated in sports as a kid, just took up Karate 6 months ago and already made it to Green Belt (the 4th belt level). I remember the first day of class, i was sooooo nervous (i have sever social anxiety, so it was huge!) and wanted to run away. But, i stuck with it! And i'm proud of myself. I dont get to say that that often (sadly).

A little side note too, my hubby took pictures of me during the exam and when i looked at them i had to ask if one was me, i looked "normal". Meaning i didn't look fat. Wow! I may not be at the weight that i want to be yet, but that alone - looking at a picture of me looking like a "normal" person, is fantastic!

Here are some pics...

And this is the one i had to ask if it was really me ;)

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