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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ugh so yesterday i had a bad day with food....everything non healthy i ate and then felt bad about it. i did get in a lot of exercise though and this morning the scale showed.

so today i ate great!!!....2 scrambled eggs,1 piece of dry toast,decorated the plate with strawberries on the outside of the plate and eggs and toast in the middle. along with green tea

for lunch i had a chicken salad and for dessert blackberries(((i sound like a rabbit lol))) i've had only water and tea today

now for dinner---i'm thinking baked chicken,small mac&cheese and strawberries for dessert.


i have more energy than YESTERDAY and feel proud of my accomplishments. also, i've already did my hour of cardio and it's just now 1:30. i'm not starving myself and feel good for losing weight the healthy weight.

i'm having a visual of myself june 19th at my son's 1st bday party and me in a summer dress looking GREAT and more important feeling GREAT about myself. i want to be able to run and play with my son and i think i'm off to making that happen.

have a good day sp
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