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Falling, falling, falling...

Friday, March 26, 2010

OK, so I totally lost it last night. This past week I've been slowly deteriorating. This is what lead up to my crash & burn, out of control attack of gluttony:

Saturday- Neighbor had a party catered by a microbrewery. The whole neighborhood was sloshed including me. White wine, red wine and specialty ales...ate the veggies, steered clear of the party foods and the cocktails. Neighbor sent home lots of leftovers, which I tried to refuse but she insisted. Mmm...party food. Ate some when I got home.

Sunday- Send off party for my brother-in-law being deployed to Iraq/17th birthday party for my nephew. Ate mindfully (sushi is ok, right?), no cake...got home and attacked the neighbors leftovers from night before. Decided (despite being told God cries when you throw away food) to toss the remainder in the trash, but kept the Italian rolls. Bad move.

Monday- Vigorously worked out in the morning. Ate healthy. Started to feel sick, icky, achy, sore throatish. Ended up eating too many calories because I felt nasty anyway. Will power is gone, comfort food rules.

Tuesday- Felt lousy but jogged anyway since it was so nice out. Ate bad because I felt like poop.

Wednesday- Did strength training (probably not a good idea). A struggle. Felt totally nasty by p.m. Hubby stayed home sick. Ate bad again.

Thursday- Tried to jog (fearing if I miss a day, I'll quit). Failed miserably. Walked most of 3 miles on treadmill. Felt *really*crappy. Pigged out on gnocchi and neighbor's leftover Italian bread (which was still strangely fresh). Ate cookies with reckless abandon. Felt even worse. Took Nyquil and passed out.

Today- Woke up looking like my grandmother. So poofy & wrinkled! I dare not get on the scale. I think I OD'd on white flour, salt and sugar! But at least my cold symptoms feel somewhat better. (Hubby just left for the doctor. He's still a sicky)

I guess I need to regroup and get under control. Seeing my face this morning ravaged by head cold, overnight medicine and food scared some sense into me. I hate to skip working out, but in the end it might be better to just recuperate. I will eat clean. I will drink lots of water. I hope I don't wake up looking like grandma again tomorrow! Scary!
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    you made some good choices too! I see the positives when I look at this week. You did not feel like running, but you still walked. You were surrounded by food and cocktails, you ate veggies and avoided temptations. You worked out, skipped cake, made mostly good choices. It is all a matter of perspective!

    You rock
    3582 days ago
    Its happens, we all have a bad week with eating. What is important is to learn from it, decide that you don't want to do it again and move on. Fall seven times, stand up eight.

    Good job trying to keep up with your exercise though!!!
    3662 days ago
    you are intitled to fall off sometimes though, what is important is that you are getting back on it!
    3664 days ago
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