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What you Need to Know About Team Leaders On Sparkpeople

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Teams on Spark are a pretty cool thing! You can find one to match any interest- you can find big and small ones, ones with lots of challenges and communication, ones with loads of tip and info-or ones were you just quietly check in and get what you need. There is something for everyone!

I think it takes someone really special to start a team, or to help lead a team. I get emails every day from a different team. I am being reminded of someone's birthday, or I'm being told of a new way to challenge myself, or I am being directed to something motivational.The information I get is endless- and valuable!

None of those emails comes automatically- there is a person, sitting at a keyboard, on the other end. She is thinking of what her team needs and how to help them. She takes the time to put that email together and send it off. I even got one this morning, suggesting a new exercise, from a mom who has more kids than I do- where does she find the time? Each email is sent because someone out there cared enough to want to send it and to hope it would help someone. That's pretty awesome!

And then, these leaders are such great listeners. They know what motivates or causes a person to struggle- and they show up on your page- with a stack of fitness magazines to motivate you, or a WooHoo! goodie when you meet a goal, or wishes for a Happy Birthday to make your day just a bit more special! They always keep you close in their care.

And they do all this, and give all this care- all while they fight their own battles, face their own struggles, and live their own lives. These acts of kindness and care are no small acts, and I appreciate each and every one of them.

Many of the people who currently lead teams have had amazing journeys- they have transformed their lives in amazing ways. And some of them are brand new, but they are motivated and want to surround themselves with an "A" team to get to their goals. Maybe some of them were never given a chance to stand up and be a leader- and yet here they are, leading us all to a better day!

As varied as the teams on Spark are the leaders- and each and every one of them are special! So, I wanted to write this blog to say to each of you- THANK YOU for giving me a valuable gift- your time, your care, your support and your friendship.

You are making an important impact on many lives here- and some people will never be able to let you know how you have touched them. And that's OK- that's not why you do what you do. You do it because you are awesome, and I thank you!! Sparkpeople would not be the warm, caring community it is without each and every one of you out there, making a difference!
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