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The Fat Fairy's Visit and Her April Surprise

Monday, April 05, 2010

When I woke up on March 1st, I realized I had been visited by the Fat Fairy. She is similar to the Tooth Fairy- I think they may be related! Only her mission is to visit me before my monthly weigh in day to take away all the pounds I lost for the month, or to leave me a little something as I start a new month. She came while I was asleep, and she left a surprise under my pillow- a notecard with the words "Remember the Power of Positive Thinking" written on it. The Fairy knew my mind is loaded with doubt and negative self talk, so she left me a simple reminder. Perfect for me! I thought about it, decided to try really hard to change my way of thinking during the month, and then charged into March with a lot of enthusiasm and positive motivation. I was on my way!

Well...somewhere around the beginning of the third week, I forgot all about staying positive. I started letting stress get to me. The only thing I was positive about was the fact that I would fall into my old habit of seeking comfort in food. I started to get bored with my exercise, barely logging minutes. My mantra for the month had been "Show up every day!" Well I did that...sort of. I showed up and put in my time to reach my 210 minute goal, and I put in my reps to reach my 210 rep goal- but I wasn't really there at all- working as hard as I could have been. The month ended up with a very disappointing gain of 4 pounds. UGH! All of my "positive thinking" went out the window. I was bummed!

So, as I trudged off to bed on the last evening of March, I knew the Fat Fairy would come and visit me again, and I did not want her to come. I had almost completely wiped out two months of progress in a handful of days. I had not remembered her message to me at the beginning of the month, and I wanted to avoid her, and my bad month, at all costs!

When I woke up, I sat for a minute before I reached under my pillow to find what she had left. Perhaps it would be a rotten candy bar- or a new pair of pants in a huge size...or a bathing suit!! Surely, she would be upset at my lack of progress and she would let me know it! After a brief search, I found her April message under my pillow...and it surprised me. She didn't leave a something that would "sting" my already bruised self image like I had thought. She knew that would serve no good purpose, so she left one that would invigorate and inspire me! It was a stop watch, with the number "720" on it.

Hmmm...this puzzled me. As I sat with the stop watch, I realized it started clicking away time. I thought and thought, and then I realized- there are 720 hours in the month of April! That Fat Fairy- she is one clever lil gal! She knew that I needed to focus- and focus hard! Her gift reminded me that I had wasted time last month, and wasted a lot of progress. She was looking forward....rather than back, with the gift she left. She was reminding me that I had a lot to do in the little bit of time I had in April....in 720 hours (minus sleep time, minus laundry time, minus carpooling time, etc etc....not too much time when you take out all that kind of stuff!)

I have 720 hours to make a positive change in my journey this month. There is so much work for me to do to make up for the bad month I had in March! I canNOT let an hour slip away without using it to it's full potential. If I am cooking a meal- I need to make it healthy! I do not have the time to be burning off calories from a chocolate binge! If I am exercising- I need to make every minute count- WORK HARD! If I am running errands- I need to sneak in a few extra steps by parking further. If I am cleaning the house, I could strap on my ankle weights. If I am playing outside with the kids, I can actually play and not just watch! If I am relaxing- I need to get my body rested, because I know that will help it progress towards my goals!

So, I am again inspired as I go into this month. I am inspired but cautious- I know how badly I fell last month, and I need to take care not to let that happen again. Time is ticking away, and I need to make the most of it! My mantra for last month was to show up every day...and I did that....but barley! I was not there in spirit- I was going through the motions. Now I need to really be PRESENT and ACCOUNTABLE as I move through this month!

The Fairy inspired me to pick a new mantra for April, and it is simple:

The time is NOW for me to make a good choice- not tomorrow or next week! NOW is what counts. What decisions am I making, right NOW, that will impact my result for April? I need to be in the moment, being thoughtful, and realizing that right NOW, I am deciding if I move closer to or further from my goals...all in this moment! All these moments will add up to be my progress. Wow- that's a lot to think about! THINKING WILL BE KEY for my success this month. I will not make decisions without considering their impact. I will be thoughtful in what I do.

Thanks for the stop watch, Fat Fairy! I will keep my eye on it, and I will look forward to your visit at the end of the month!! I am planning to have a load of pounds for you to take away...again...and hopefully, for good!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • -TAMI-
    Fantastic blog!!! emoticon
    3980 days ago
  • BAMBAM87
    man i need me a fat fairy. Great post and good luck with April
    3982 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Great blog! You're gonna kick April's booty! emoticon
    3982 days ago
  • no profile photo CHOCMOM
    I'm excited. I think I just said "NOW" is APRIL spelled backwards. Let's do it NOW! emoticon emoticon
    3982 days ago
    Really loved your blog! emoticon
    3982 days ago
    Once again you've opened up the door & let fresh air into this stale old brain of mine. I feel Refreshed & Encouraged once again to make April another step in the right direction.

    Just remember that when we finish this time we are gonna squish that darn Fat Fairy so she can't bring it back!
    3982 days ago
    I love this blog, glad that I was roaming around and saw it. Now is the time and emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Just know that we are here supporting you. Have a great day and a great Month. Sandra
    3982 days ago
  • UNICORN212
    You always have the best blogs!
    3982 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6368620
    Ang, I love this blog. You make sense, and add a sense of humor as well! I love that your goal is to make every minute count, and there are so many different ways to do that on a daily basis. Good for you...I have every confidence in you, my friend!

    Sometimes that little fairy knows what she's talking about!

    Make this a month that will change your life.

    3982 days ago
    I love your post. It seems like I get visited by the Fat Fairy fairly frequently, along with the Wrinkle Fairy, the Grey Hair Fairy, and the Saggy Butt/Boob Fairy! I think I need to change my attitude because every day is a gift and I should look at it as such! Then maybe a few other fairys might visit - like the Beach Bathingsuit Fairy and the Rocking Runner Fairy!

    720 hours, doesn't seem like much - we certainly can't waste it!
    3982 days ago
    Wow! I think I like your Fat Fairy! I think that she visits to give you the tools you need to succeed. She brings with her inspiration and encouragement, which is something we all need! Awesome!
    3983 days ago
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