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Day 3 P90X

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It felt good to warm up. I couldn't squat to pick up my weights because the squats from the day before had my quads on fire. I felt pretty good working the arms and think I have the right weights for it. This was the first day I logged my reps and weight (as Tony suggests). I'm looking forward to seeing progress on paper.

It's also the first time hubby and I used heart rate monitors. Even though it was strength training, we still wore them to see how our heart rate changed - and it did through exertion. According to my heart rate monitor, I burned over 400 calories in 80 minutes. That surprised me!

I wonder how many I burned the day before doing plyogenics? 500? 600? I bet my HR was through the roof which is why I thought I was gonna toss my cookies.

I'm still eating between 1200-1400 calories but now that I know what I'm burning, I don't feel so bad if I splurge on occasion. I hadn't anticipated losing weight during these 90 days. Instead, I anticipated replacing fat with muscle and being leaner. But muscle weighs so much, I didn't expect the scale to move.

We'll see. Burning 400 calories on a STRENGTH day and even more on a cardio day.....maybe I will lose a few pounds along the way. Maybe I will see 120 while having more muscle to boot.

Time will tell.

My legs are sore as he** right now from plyogenics 2 days ago but everything else feels so much better and I'm proud of myself for what I've accomplished..........and this is only day 3! I hope I feel this good for the next 87 days. :)

Hubby's plan was to complete this 90 days and then return to the gym. My plan was to complete this with him and then do it again on the lean setting (more cardio). I really like the variety in his program. But it's early yet - we'll see if our plans change in a couple of months.

But if I see the progress I HOPE to see, I'll definitely keep it up.
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    Love that you are looking to measure success without the scale! I am sure you will lose weight with all that you are doing...those are some serious numbers of calories you are burning.

    I hear you about wanting to wear a bikini this summer...I haven't worn one since I was about 7...lol I am sure you will ROCK that bikini and feel awesome for it! Keep us updated on your progress!

    3941 days ago
    Yea, I'm familiar with the fat/muscle weight thing. That's why I'm not really using the scale to judge progress. But, if the scale drops a few, that'll be icing on the cake.

    Instead, I'm using measurements and physical abilitiy - tracking accomplishments during each workout.

    I want to be in a bikini this summer. I've had 3 kids and I didn't have a flat tummy before them so I certainly don't have one now. Sure, people tell me I can technically wear one and women much larger than me do all the time but I want to feel like I rock that bikini and I won't feel that way with this flubber around the middle.

    Even more than toned tummy, I want definition in my arms. I had chunky arms when I weighed 98lbs in highschool. I just figured flabby arms are part of my make up. Well, I've changed my thinking and I think I can get definition - with some work.
    3941 days ago
    3941 days ago

    This is a difficult program and it sounds like you are doing amazing at it! You might want to consider increasing your calories so your body doesn't go into starvation. Also. 5lbs of fat weighs just as much as 5lbs of muscle...five pounds is five pounds...however 5lbs of fat takes up MUCH MORE ROOM than five pounds of muscle. I have a pic on my page that shows you the difference. Trust me I will take the muscle over the fat any day of the week!

    What you are doing is inspiring...Keep up the Amazing work!

    3941 days ago
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