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Cleaning Out Your Closet!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ok people, listen up! It's Spring, AGAIN....a time of renewal. I'm not just talking your typical Spring cleaning, I'm talking about doing a MAJOR OVERHAUL on that closet!

How many of us have that little black dress or that cute pair of jeans tucked away in the back "for when I get back into them"? Huh? Yeah you heard me right! It's time to GET REAL.

If you're anything like me, those things have been in the closet for the past 10 years (at least....I'm being generous here). Ask yourself......are they still in style? Chances are.....NO, DEFINITELY NOT! So why keep them?

I think for me, having those clothes around is supposed to be a memory of happier times in my life, when I was thin. But the problem is, when I happen to see them hanging there on a day I am digging and can't seem to find something to wear, it actually makes me feel worse. That little voice inside my head says "just look at you and how unfit you are", and "you should be ashamed of yourself", or "you USED to care about yourself".

So why should we keep these around? Are they really helping us? I say NOT!

As I have said before, you cannot begin to heal until you accept yourself for who you are.....NOW! Look in the mirror and find something you like about yourself.....tell yourself this! "I'm pretty", "I love my eyes", "I love my smile", "I love the way my hair looks today". I used to have a positive affirmation stuck on my mirror. My mother gave it to me at our TOPS meeting. It said "Good morning, you're beautiful, you're going to have a wonderful day". It felt good to say that and it was a great way to start the day.

The power of positive thinking is amazing! Use those Post-it notes to your advantage. Put them in every nook and cranny around your house. Even if you find this a bit silly, it works. You may think twice about grabbing a snack from the fridge if you open the door to a note that says "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!". Now some with a warped sense of humor like me may just put the word "Moo" in there, ha ha.....part of this process is learning to laugh at yourself. Have some fun with it.

Something else that will help, especially if you finally take the plunge and PURGE THAT CLOSET is to go out and find an outfit that fits you now.....something flattering and figure friendly. I do very well choosing clothes that fit well and hide the pounds. When I tell people what I weigh they don't believe me........and that makes me feel good! It also makes me want to do more. Certainly a better feeling than looking at those old jeans!

So, come on people! Out with the old and in with the new. The old ME is history.....the new ME is a mystery, getting better and better by the day.

Let's all do this together!

Hugs to you all,


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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog Heather. I have a pair of pants and a shirt I have in my closet that I'm going to get into when I'm skinny. How'd you know, LOL I also like the idea about using posted notes. The positive thinking idea is also great. Thanks for sharing this. Hope you have a wonderful day. Time to go clean out my closet:-))
    4008 days ago
    Love the post-it idea and these graphics in your blog. Very inspiring! emoticon
    4010 days ago
    You're so right!!! We will never move forward if we keep living in the past.

    So, out with the old and on with the new!!!!

    It will only get better!!!!

    4011 days ago
    Out of the 4 pairs of pants I own, I cannot afford to give any away even if they are getting big! I do not have anything too small. I just need to buy clothes!

    Like the little poem at the end!
    4011 days ago
    Great blog! Love the post-it note in the fridge idea. emoticon
    4011 days ago
  • BETRME100
    Great blog!!
    4011 days ago
    Long live the banana clip and the mullet! HAHAHAHA emoticon

    Thanks for the reminder of just how important positive affirmations are, and that I've got a couple things lurking in the back of my closet that REALLY need to go to the charity shop!
    4011 days ago
    you my have to help me clean out mine to

    4011 days ago
    you my have to help me clean out mine to

    4011 days ago

    Great blog - and love the cow pic too!

    I'm upset though - yer telling me to throw out my little black dress? AAAArgh! I was hoping to fit into that at some point... but I suppose it'll have to go - and I'll throw out those "gogo boots" and stuff too!


    As for "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels!" - I agree!

    With the following exceptions:

    Pizza Hut Pizzas
    Danish Blue Cheese
    Peanut Butter Cups
    Fish & Chips


    But seeing that I can just put weight on be reading about those lol, we'll digress eh?

    Right... I'm off to throw out my school uniform - it'll be a wrench knowing that I'll never fit into it again - but at 38 I don't reckon I could pass off as a schoolkid now anyhoo - pity - I could get on public transport cheaper AND get a better deal on cinema tickets!


    4011 days ago
    I Love it , great blog.

    My mom and I use to pass clothes back and forth (who ever was skinniest at the time) we literally passed the same clothes back and forth for over ten years)

    But today I get rid of them because I don;t want to wear them again. I did just find a suit in the back of the closet yesterday and tried it on ...It did fit 70 pounds ago...... time for that one to go too I guess(maybe that was my "reserve"outfit, you know just in case I put it all back on again like the old days. I am NOT going to do that again so out goes the last of my FAT clothes tomorrow! Thanks for the reminder to COMPLETELY clean out my closet! emoticon
    4011 days ago
  • 8KAREN
    I agre completel with you and I do continually clean out my closet. I gave my sister some clothes that got too tight for me. I felt sad for a while because it used to be the other way round. But I agree better to get clothese that fit and flatter. I think I could fit into some of the clothes I gave my sister last summer now but hey I deserve a reward for losing some weight and I am here in South Carolina on vacation and there are outlet malls...so what an opportunity.
    I even bought some new, more flattering work out gear for the gym. I had been wearing old T-shirts of my DH. These are much nicer and will perk up my workout sessions when I come back home.
    4011 days ago
    Fantastic blog! emoticon

    I cleaned mine out two years ago but need to go through it again. I am one of those anal people who have all matching coat hangers and everything is color coordinated etc.. So while I do have a couple of things in very small sizes (that I will probably never fit in again) and a few larger ones (that I WON'T let myself fit in again) they look good hanging there! LOL! I am going to purge it again one last time because for one thing, we are planning to sell and I want it all roomy looking. But mainly for the reasons you state. I am going to keep one pair of old jeans though. They have real sentimental value and they are Levi's from like 1976 or older and they are still cute today as they are standard button up's.

    Oh the post it note idea is great too. I have a pig in my fridge that oinks when you open the door (the light activates it)!!! His batteries have died a long time ago but it was fun when it was new. It got old fast though! Ha!

    Really positive upbeat fun blog! You rock girl! emoticon
    4011 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/17/2010 8:39:41 PM
    emoticon Great post!
    4011 days ago
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